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A NEW STORY APPROACHES! · 7:25pm Oct 16th, 2019

Oh, Hello.

Because nobody asked for it, I started working on a sequel to arguably my most nerdy story to date. Which makes it like ... double nerdy? I dunno. Still, you should go read We Deserve a Happy Ending. Assuming, of course, you've read Let Me Tell You About My Character first. And if you haven't, you should probably go read that one to get the gist of things, otherwise you're probably gonna be kind of lost.

I've actually had the idea for this story kicking around my head for awhile now-- but I figured it wouldn't quite be right 'til the show was over. Which, uh, now it is, so I guess it gets to join the cavalcade of melancholy "It's over! Waaaah!" fics. Guess I'm a follower like that. Hopefully, this new story won't be QUITE as self indulgent-- or if it does, well, it'll get self indulgent in a completely different way.

Oh, and the title is shamelessly stolen from Rev. Payton's Big Damn Band.

... admittedly, it's a little more Applejack's speed, but maybe she was onto something about making Twilight listen to country songs 'til she feels better.

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Will we see something from Flash Sentry Papers too sometimes?


Eventually! Probably. I've indeed got some ideas for at least one more Flash Sentry story-- and honestly probably more than that, as I don't have the heart to give him a quiet retirement. It's just that I've got a bunch of other stuff I'm working on, particularly NaNoWriMo coming up soon.

Though, given my track record, I imagine I'll probably hit a brick wall about twelve thousand words into that project and wind up writing more Flash Sentry Papers instead. That's how the series got started, after all!

I love these stories! Can't wait to read it.

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