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    HGM - New Chapter Up!

    In this chapter, things are revealed. Things you may wish were not.


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  • 443 weeks
    Next Chapter Almost Done

    Got it typed out this evening.

    Tomorrow I'm going to proof read it, tidy it a bit, and toss in another gag or two.

    It's some more world building, but this marks the start of a solution to the problems - from now on, it'll be less confusion and more heroics! Except for all the villianry. There'll still be plenty of villianry.

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    HGM Recovered Art!

    Hey hey! Look, here it is! Blueblood looks facking perfect. I would totally follow him to the evil bathhouse.

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    HGM - New Chapter Up


    I'm getting back into the swing of things. Spent some time today on the story, got a minichapter up.

    A little less funny that others, but hey, it's up and I needed to do some exposition.

    Starting next chapter, it's back to the comedy!

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    I Can't Into Blog

    There is no blog here. Move along.

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Official Hiatus! · 12:37am Nov 14th, 2012

SO, hate me now, because, well, I'll deserve it.

I won't be working on my story for a while. My work has just picked up a LOT and,
well, I need the money. And, well, the moneys good, plentiful, and exausting. So for
the next month or three, I'll be working and working and working.

I'll be on the site, but I can tell in advance I'll be to tired to really commit.


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Comments ( 21 )

... And there was great sadness throughout the land

And I just started reading it! :twilightangry2:


I eagerly await your eventual return.

And the land fell into darkness.

Good luck with Real Life :pinkiehappy:

Perfectly understandable. A hiatus for RL is much better than a hiatus because "meh".

Money VS Fiction


Money = Survival
Survival = Writing
Writing = Fiction
Money > Fiction

Aw. :fluttercry:

Oh, well. Money is good. Money keeps ya fed. I'll be here waiting when you're ready to continue!

Good luck!

Good luck with work! We all hate it, but we learn to love and tolerate it :twilightsmile:

Okay, well... hopefully this won't mean the end of the story like it did on the last few, right? :twilightblush:

awww....but we all understand.

Well, time to go thrust my dick into an anthill.

everyone needs a break ever once and a while :yay::yay:

Aw. Well, do what ya gotta do. Thanks for posting these awesome chapters already, and for letting us know about this rather than just leaving us hanging. We'll leave the light on for ya.:twilightsmile:

Meh, It's cool. These things happen.

NOOOOO! WRITE MORE STORIES! Umm, if that's okay with you... I mean... :fluttershysad:

And a great gasp was emitted by bronies throughout the land, all of whom shared a single thought: NO!

In a word, disappoint. :raritydespair:

This was one of my top "watch" stories because it was such a fun concept. At least I have something to look forward to coming in the new year. Good luck!

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