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    Slight improvements

    So, I got the internet back, first and foremost. This means I can do more writing with less hassle, and access all my files again.

    Secondly, I managed to keep my old landlord from taking all of my security deposit. It's not the full bit, but still more than half.

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    I am having a bad time

    so, it is going to be even longer before I can work on anything proper, cause the company the landlord is supposed to get internet from is being a pack of incompetent morons. I was supposed to have been able to work on my stories and update stuff almost a month ago. Top that with the passenger door on my truck being caved in, and you got a pretty good idea as to how things are going for me.

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    So, all my work is pretty much on hold until my creativity comes back. On top of that, I'm moving into a new place, so I will have next to no time to work on anything at all storywise.

    I apologize, but I REALLY need to move to the new place. Like, it bad here. Unhealthy bad. My shower 'drains' at a rate of 1" of water every 5 hours.

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Thoughts Evoked by The Final Problem · 4:01pm Oct 15th, 2019

I will say this immediately, I legit cried by the end of it all.

I know a lot of people are sad that the shows ending, but that episode hit me particularly hard. I had a similar situation to Twilight's when it came to making friends (Almost eerily so, now that I think about it). The only difference was that it wasn't a lack of a want to have friends, but the lack of a chance to make any that were lasting. It doesn't help that I seem to have Purple Horse Syndrome when it comes to my mental state either. Then, when I finally did have a few years with some, they all just left me on the wayside and forgot about me one year. It was like I never existed to them. Then top it off that me being sad was apparently enough for the school to think I was going to be the next psychotic breakdown they'd have to clean up, and I had the teachers and staff breathing down my neck too and treating me like garbage. That lead to a period of my life where I did some things I'm not proud of, both to others and myself. Nothing criminal, no, but definitely would have been detrimental to my continued health if they continued.

It was about then, at the start of the show's second season that I found out about MLP and gave it a go. It's thanks to the show that I have friendships that have lasted almost a decade. Even one of my old friends from before hung out with me again for a while, and I found people that I could relate to. The Final Problem, and how it started talking about the topic of friends drifting apart, reminded me of all of that at once. It also reminded me, of how much I hate the word 'goodbye'.

All of that is just one longwinded way of saying that I want to thank you all for supporting my work here on FIM and that I hope this site continues to be a staple in a community that has brought not just me, but countless people the love and support they needed, while promoting it not as a favor to be given on a whim, but a basic human necessity that should be spread tirelessly.

So let us all follow the lessons Twilight taught us as she learned them herself.

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