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tfw one of your favorite characters to write becomes hated by half the fandom · 10:48pm Oct 14th, 2019

I swear, I have six different unfinished story blurbs in which Discord plays a major role and now I'm going to spend the entire writing process terrified that the moment I publish them someone's going to shout "RAR RAR DISCORD IS THE DEVIL, DOWNVOTE DOWNVOTE DOWNVOTE."

Am I being silly and/or paranoid? Maybe, I don't know.

...What do you all think? please let me know

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I think you will be fine

let's be real, the discord in EotE is hardly even discord

That doesn't really reassure me but thanks anyway.
As you were.

Probably a few people will go ruin it. BUT.
A few of us Discord fans will stick by his side! I'm sure plenty of people will read and love these stories. :raritywink:

I don't fully understand the Discord hate, the way I saw it Discord has reached the point where he honestly cares about all of them, not just Fluttershy, the whole scheme was planned from a place of actually desiring to improve and grow people he cared about, now it doesn't change that it was a really stupid plan but the sentiment makes it for me, in the earlier seasons it seems like Discord really only cared for Fluttershy and over time that has changed and he has grown to care for all of them. I just consider this another mistaken stepping stone forward for him, he would probably, learn from this and grow even more but that's just my take.

I don't blame discord I blame the awful writing of season 9

I love Discord! I'm sure you'll be okay. You may get some haters, but.....some of us Discord fans will always be here!

I say rubbish. Go write your stories :ajsmug:

If anything, the haters would hate the writers more than Discord himself.

I honestly don't understand the hate either way.
I thought it was a surprising plot twist/development. It made me think of how the writers of Doctor Who plan that sort of stuff a season ahead of time.

Write them. Write them all and only scrap them because you don't like the idea anymore or have a better one. I'm not even saying that as a Discord fan, but as a writer in general. And so far, none of my fics seem to have taken a hit.

Besides, as much as I disagree with a vocal part of the fandom right now, most of us don't take our bias against characters to the point of looking for fics about them to downvote, cause we'd rather be reading ones we like.

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