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The Ending of the End, and the MLP World I Love · 8:40pm Oct 14th, 2019

I won't make this long, but I was just thinking about the last episodes, and how I feel about the show itself. Firstly, I know people are going to disagree, but I liked how things were wrapped up. Did they do everything I wanted? Not hardly, but they did actually conclude things. Ever since I saw the abrupt ending of Hogan's Heroes as a child, I have never tolerated a show just stopping. Granted, in the case of Hogan's Heroes, the network axed them and a bunch of great programs at the time (Green Acres is still one of my favorites).

That said, any time a show has a definite ending, I cannot stand when they don't write a conclusion. It might sound silly to some, but I want to know that our characters are okay, that things will work out, if not for the best then at least to a conclusion that we know about. Just a quirk of mine.

As for the fandom, I sincerely hope it continues strong as ever. While I haven't updated one of my stories in ages, it's still being worked on, it's just life has become so insanely busy that taking the time to gather my thoughts and give my readers a good chapter just isn't feasible at the moment, but I am still working on it.

I hope the fan fiction side of pony remains vibrant. I love reading the stories this community creates. I do miss some of the authors that don't really post any more. Everyone moves on from some things at some point, but wow this place was amazing the first few seasons of the show. I hope that now we're not getting any more official G4 pony that it picks up again, and we get to use our imaginations to create great new adventures for our friends.

So that's pretty much what I wanted to say. It would also be a good time to add that I appreciate every person who has read my stories, liked them or not, and I feel proud that I got to contribute to this great community, regardless of how long we get to keep going. So until next time (I promise, I really am working on the story, please don't be mad), all of my love. ♥


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The fandom will only truly die when the members of it do!

A morbid way of putting things, but ultimately true. There is no fandom (however many) if there are no people to make it up!

I didn't watch the show, stopped watching around Season 6 episode 4, but I still check back occasionally (like now!!!) and I have several stories I am following!

5139391 - I have that same hope. I will continue to contribute. I don't want this fandom going anywhere but up!

The ritual I think is the problem. Sometimes when I binge a show, a book, or game, and when I beat it or whatever, I feel sad.. I had gotten into a ritual. Sure we may love this fandom and the show... that is another part, but I think a big part of it for some people is simply not having that ritual anymore... sometimes for me I feel really damn fucking hollow when I complete something I really liked... and I stare off into space, or just feel sad..

Ponies or at least G4 is gone and many people won't have those Saturdays anymore or whenever they set aside time to watch the show.

That shit IS devastating and most of it is just because it is over and done with but you got involved as all hell in whatever! And now you don't have it.

At least that is me... I don't know how you normal people deal with shit you finish!

5139777 - I definitely feel that is part of it. For me, I felt like these characters touched on aspects of my personality that always seemed to go ignored by others, but these sweet little characters got it. They understood, they were my thoughts and feelings personif-, er, ponified. I wasn't just feeling them inside of myself, I was seeing them on the screen, and it felt like my own brain had become my friends. That might sound weird, but that's why I became attached to the show, to the community, as I have.

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