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Another series has ended, but it is not the end. · 6:53pm Oct 14th, 2019

Be warned that there will be spoilers for the finale at the end of this blog.

Well Friendship is magic has made it's final episode and there will be no more seasons in that show. But the comics have announced they are going to continue the story, not sure if I'll follow it, I kind of stopped reading the comics a while ago, but is this the end of MLP?

Far from it, G5 is coming up, this franchise has been going on since the early-mid eighties and is one of Hasbro's biggest, they are not going to be stopping producing shows for it, not by a long shot, especially after the success that FIM was.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this show from start to finish, I arrived at it in the latter half of season 1 and have followed it ever since, watched it evolve and grow, wondering sometimes if this was every going to stop, it kept being renewed for a new season, rather unusual for a children's cartoon, most are lucky if they get a second season, let alone a third. The fact that it managed to get 9 seasons and over 200 episodes and a movie and several specials, that's telling you something.

The quality has been up and down, I'll not deny that, however I still maintain that it's never dropped below a certain mark. I've felt this show has been far more consistent with it's 9 seasons than some other cartoons I could mention. Hell I'm going to talk about one.

As you may or may not know, I was also in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fandom, TMNT for short. I came mainly from knowing the comics, the original cartoon and the original live action movies, I dropped out for a bit but came back when the 2003 cartoon version aired and it's that one I'll be talking about.

The 2003 cartoon started strong, and was mostly faithful to the original source material, the old comics made in the 80's and 90's. For four whole seasons it has pretty good writing, good characters and wasn't afraid to take risks. Sadly it's daring risk taking is what eventually doomed it, because unlike DHX who Hasbro gave ungodly amount of freedom for FIM, the 2k3 TMNT cartoon was on 4kids and that alone should alarm you right now.

The fourth season turned out to be too dark for 4kids tastes and while the crew behind the show were still working on season 5, 4kids basically had them switch gear and just go instead straight into the sixth season, skipping the 5th season and make the whole show lighter and softer with more stupid jokes and catchphrases than (they eventually released the 5th season as a lost season on DVD) had been in the previous four seasons. Now the Sixt season called Fast Forward wasn't too bad but still felt like quite a bit of a mood whiplash for the fans. Then doom.

The final season for the 2k3 TMNT cartoon was called back to the sewers and was the most saddest attempt I've ever seen for a show trying to catch again what had made the first four seasons successful and yet maintain the more childish humor of the sixth season as was now demanded by 4kids. It was a disaster, there was angst just for angst sake, a major character removed for the entire season to maximize the angst, only returning for the final episode for a tacky wedding between two of the supporting characters, you barely recognized any of the turtles most of the time and, yeah it was just sad, there was absolutely no consistency at all and even if they tried adding continuity nods, they felt terribly forced. And the less I talk about their crossover with the 80's cartoon, the better it is for my sanity.

Although I was not a fan of the 2k12 cartoon, I will give them that, they treated their crossover with the 80's cartoon much better.

Compared to that disaster, I'll take the entirety of FIM any day. I still think the show just got better and better. Where there hiccups? Yes, did I sometimes wonder what the writers were thinking? Sure, but those incidents happened so rarely and so far apart compared to the latter half of the 2k3 TMNT cartoon, that I don't mind them at all. This show had a good run and I was glad to be part of it.

Now as for this two part finale and the epilogue.

I loved it. I did palm my face when learning Discord was Grogar but in a more "of course it's Discord, of course he would do something like this, of course it was him" kind of face palm instead of "what the hell were they thinking?"

Suddenly just so much made sense, I have to admit questioning why Grogar expected these villains to work for him willingly and then not monitor them more closely and just left them to their own devices, why was he so ready to just throw Sombra at Equestria instead of trying to reign him in from the start, it always sounded so odd to me. Someone with the reputation of Father of Monsters didn't strike me as someone who would allow that unless he was sure that person was in fact working for him.

Do I think Discord altered Sombra when he brought him back? No not really, I do believe what we saw was the real deal when in a flesh and blood body, I do not agree that he didn't show the same cleverness and deviousness that was implied from season 3, he successfully fooled the Mane six into thinking they defeated him with the Elements, for all we know he was already aware of them and his initial attack on the Crystal Empire was simply to lure them out, get him to attack him with them and then get them to take him back to the source, he wasn't even surprised when they arrived, he was expecting them. I still saw the master trapper and contingency master that I saw in season 3.

The only reason he didn't win in my mind is because Discord was, as it turned out, pulling the strings from behind, he was there to act as a safety net to make sure the mane six did in fact win. Sombra had every reason to be overly confident, he didn't know this was exactly what Discord wanted.

Anyway back to the finale, it was amazing and it was good to see that most of the characters got a chance to shine, even the Princesses and the allies of Equestria, showing what a strong alliance between different nations can do when things look the bleakest, the ponies had so far always been shown as mildly xenophobic (or very xenophobic in case of Neighsay) and it was refreshing to see that they could now rely on others to come to their aid in time of need.

The epilogue was a nice calm ending to an otherwise great show, I'm glad they did that time skip to show how life has gone on and what changes would eventually be made in the character's lives.

Well, time for me to get back to writing, I've already written a couple more chapters in the sequel to Last of the Dark Ponies. I'll be turning my attention to other stories soon as well.

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Yeah Askre, I haveta say I feel mostly the same way you do (there's a reason we're friends), though I was a little more critical of some episodes, talking to you always helped me see the other side of the coin (the more positive side) too.

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