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Found the show in late 2015, and fell in love with it. I also like D&D (3 and 3.5), Fansty novel and movie, Sci-Fi movies. MarbleMac is Best Ship and Flashlight is a fair second

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Concerning the rest of My Little Mages · 1:00am Oct 14th, 2019

Well season 9 and the actual TV series of Friendship is Magic having concluded, to those who follow my My Little Mages AU series, how will I conclude my AU and order.

To start I'll prioritize The Ending of the End, which working title is My Little Mages: Denouement of Resolution, it will more similar then different, but I intend to set up more of the elements shown at the end of The Last Problem, plus address a few things I think the show should have or would have if The Ending of the End was a three-part episode.

After that my focus will be addressing the open ending around King Sombra from My Little Mages: Onset of Resolution, maybe a call back to another villain and set up a little more of the very end of The Last Problem, plus and spoilers Flash and Twilight's wedding, maybe more in the veins of CartoonNerd12's The Midnight Dance..The working title is My Little Mages: The Shadows' Revenge.

Then the answer to The Last Problem, working title My Little Mages: The Ultimate Obstacle, with a few arguably throw-away things to help show not only Twilight as a de facto empress but the wait of the titular problem.

So that leaves the answer to Sunset's Backstage Pass and the upcoming Holiday Unwrapped. ... Yeah, I have no intention to do an answer to Holiday Unwrapped unless I'm paid to. As for Sunset's Backstage Pass... while do have intentions to do so but it's not first on the list, it would be second or third at best. I intend this to conclude the Sunset story arch. However, I am willing to combine this with My Little Mages: Onset of Resolution, or at least elements of it. If anyone is willing to suggest and/or co-author, please PM me.

Well better get cracking.

Foxhelm signing out.

PS: Remember everyone, Friendship is Magic!

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Welp, I can already tell "Denouement of Resolution" and "The Ultimate Obstacle" are going to be an epic and emotional one just as the finale was. Also, I do hope that Sunset Shimmer gets a satisfying conclusion with her story arch.

I am actually open to suggestions of how that can come about, if you have any ideas, please PM me.

So when can I expect it?

Sorry for the late reply. College stuff, y'know? Anyway, I'll be thinking of something very soon. I'll PM ya when I do.

It's okay, RL stuff is stuff you can't escape

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