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A Blog In Which I Make You Think I'm Gonna Talk About the Season Finale, But I Won't Because I already Did That and there's much more important things to talk about. (not really) · 8:13pm Oct 13th, 2019

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From what I've seen in my blog posts last night and this morning, hope y'all are having a better day.

I already said my piece about the finale way back when so this blog post isn't about that. More important, it's another update in which I tell you that SSLY 36 is about halfway done, and pending first-half approval by my editor, should be done and hopefully edited for publish within the next month.

I also have two fics which are essentially ready to publish their first chapters, but with the oncoming flurry of finale fics, Halloween, etc, it seems sensible to hold onto these until November where there will hopefully be a slight lull in activity. What do you think?

(OL, the title is misleading. Last-second thing). An author whose work I like posted a blog recently that reminded me of a BronyCon panel I went to. While right now the impact of the two-parter and epilogue is probably a touch jarring, and for some it seems, emotional; this should not deter you from fimfic'ing. In fact, it should embolden you. No longer can a cannon blast out whatever you put forth, and even if it did, has that stopped anyone before?

The wonderful world of G4 TV 4 Gamers MLP is ours now. For better or for worse, we get to pick up where the show left off, sorry comics aren't cannon or pretend that none of it happened and roll our own adventures. :scootangel:

TL;DR: Keep writing you fucks, I need shit to read.

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