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How to Cope with the MLP Finale · 12:29pm Oct 12th, 2019

Real Talk:

I watched the MLP series finale leak weeks ago. And I just wanted to write a SPOILER-FREE blog post to help prepare people to be in the right place when they watch it. Because I was not. I knew what to expect, but I was NOT prepared. Really, nothing can truly prepare you for the loss of a loved one. Because that was how it felt to me. And how it will feel for a lot of people.

Years ago, a friend introduced me to Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. When I found out that it was only a one-season show after it ended on a cliffhanger, I was confused and upset. Later on, most anime that I really liked only had one season (Dragon Maid) so I was able to accept it better going into it. When the series finale of Game of Thrones aired, I was disappointed, and a little angry. Perhaps not as much as some people. But I mostly just felt like "Well... I guess that's over."

But when I watched the series finale of MLP, I was devastated. Not that the episode was bad. I think it was great, and beautiful, and that is part of what made it so bittersweet. The song especially. Daniel Ingram fucked me up for a week with that song playing over and over again in my head. I nearly broke down a few times at work. I had to tell them a good friend of mine had just died because that was how it felt. It wasn't just because I like the show. I like Game of Thrones. But it was because I was a fan among fans. A member of this community. And it has been such a huge part of my life for so long! Nine years now guys!

I think the worst of it was because, in my shame, I watched the leak alone. I felt this intense sorrow, and I felt like I was experiencing it in a vacuum. With no one that I could relate to at work, and I was limited with who in the fandom I could talk to about the finale because I wanted to respect peoples' spoiler boundaries. So if I could change one thing about how I went about things:

1. Don't be alone when you watch the finale!
Watch it with someone. Ideally another fan, with you in the room. A partner or a good friend who understands how you feel, and how you are going to feel. At the very least, watch it in a live stream with other fans. There are a lot to choose from. Don't watch it alone. Because whether you watch it with friends and feel a sense of community, or watch it by yourself, feeling alone, the finale will magnify that feeling.

So make sure that you

2. Have tissues ready.
(I realize that I am a clop author so I will get the obvious joke out of the way.)
But seriously, you are going to cry. If Tanks For The Memories made you cry, you are going to cry. If The Perfect Pair made you cry, you are going to cry. The finale is supposed to be a message about hope and continuation of things. But we all know it's the last episode. No beautiful message or art or song can prevent that feeling. And unless you have a heart of stone, or are just emotionally dead inside, you are going to cry. (At the time, I was envious of such people. But in the long term, I'm glad that I am not like that.) But then, I would wonder how it is you were a fan of MLP in the first place if you weren't in touch with your emotions.

Maybe the finale won't effect you at all. Lucky you... I guess.

Otherwise, have tissues ready because you are going to

3. Mourn.
Once your favorite show ends, nothing else you watch is going to feel like it fills the void. It hurts. You will feel like crying. It's okay, you're allowed to. Do it. Don't hold it in. Because it is going to come out one way or another. Better to have it happen someplace where you can let yourself go than seeing an MLP meme on Discord at work on Monday and finally breaking down, or lashing out.


Cry until you can't cry anymore.

And once you are ready,

4. Talk about it.
Talk about how you feel in a blog post, on discord, or wherever. Vent. Once the Finale is no longer in spoiler territory, talk about it! That was something I didn't really have when I watched it. But now you can. There may be a part of you that is upset about the way the show ended. Something that made you angry about the way they handled it. Talk about it. Anger is a normal phase of loss. And the phases don't all have to happen, or in the same order. Remember, the biggest enemy is loneliness. You don't need people to look down at you in your hole of depression, telling you that 'it's not so bad' or some vague expression of 'it will get better'. You need to talk to other people who know how you feel, and who have been in that same hole, and who know how to get out.

It will hurt. I know. I was there too. But trust me, it will pass. You don't need to suffer alone.

[A show ending] isn't like a divorce, or getting fired. You never really get over it. It's like a cannonball ripped a hole straight through you. You feel like it's never going to heal, but eventually it does, from the outside in. Then one day you'll hear a song or see some art and it tears itself right back open again, but it heals back again, faster each time.

It's going to hurt. It's going to hurt so SO very much, and it will feel like it will never stop hurting. And you feel like you are the only one who has ever hurt this much about a cartoon. And you feel ashamed to feel this way. But it still hurts just the same. It feels like it will never end, or you'll feel that if the pain did end, you would feel guilty about 'getting over' something you loved so much. Like you were betraying it by moving on. But it's okay to feel better, you are allowed to.

You are allowed to feel better!

You can still love something after you get over losing it.

5. Remember that this isn't the end.
The Equestria Girls show is still going.
The IDW Comics are still going.
And there are rumors of another MLP movie on the horizon!

Watch the series again on DVD. I know I'll be getting the Super Deluxe Definitive Collectors Edition Box Set! Watch the show again from start to finish. The most enjoyable way to do this is to do it in pairs or as a group. Watching a whole show together requires some common scheduling, but it will feel a lot less lonely. Digest the DVD special features. Look at the TV tropes page. Convince new friends to watch it with you!

The show might be over but the fandom is not. Call it denial if you want, but the community is still here. Some fair-weather fans have come and gone. But the best of us are still here. The best of us will still be here after the show ends. I am still here. That is a promise! New people will discover the show. Fan-fiction will continue to be written for decades. And there are yet more conventions being held! Anyway, come to TrotCon.

Report Shakespearicles · 3,241 views · Story: Impermanence · #finale
Comments ( 39 )

5. Remember that this isn't the end.
The Equestria Girls show is still going.
The IDW Comics are still going.
And there are rumors of another MLP movie on the horizon!

Also, consider all the people on this site who stopped watching several seasons ago and still come here to write.

The show might be over but the fandom is not.

The fandom never ends. People who weren't even born yet when Lovecraft died have written Cthulhu stories. The fandom is just getting started.

I also saw the finale leak weeks ago, and I was very emotional watching it. This blog you have posted summarizes my feelings at the time of watching it very well.

And besides comics, EG show, and rumors of the MLP movie, don't forget about MLP G5!!

Not sure I'll even be able to put it into words on the finale made me feel, but all good things must come to an end I suppose. Cheers to this wonderful show and it's fandom! :moustache:

Well, I can't follow the number one, I have never known another brony in 8 years (I started in S2) in person, so I will be alone.

In the words of Albert Einstein (I may be butchering this quote), "If motherfucking Avatar: The Last Airbender still has a fandom that still brings in new people going more than ten years after its finale, Friendship Is Magic can do that too, easily."

Saw the leak, download the finale song video (not going to write the name of the song, but you know the one), planing on having it converted so I can listen to it on my iPod and have a bittersweet cry out when I do. Truly the best song for MLP, right above "Smile, Smile, Smile" and "I'm just a pony", in my opinion.

Like it was already said, the show is over, but the fandom is still strong! Not saying goodbye.
So, see you all later!:twilightsmile::moustache:

Also, as the great Ood Sigma said (and as the World's Strongest Writer also pointed out), "This show is ending, but the fanfics never end."

Watch it in a live stream with everyone else! I am going to.

Pretty much me talking to my nonbrony friends about the show ending.


Right in the feels.

Real talk,
That feeling of isolation out there in the real world, with the rest of people just going on about their lives while it feels like your world is ending, and they have no way to understand or relate, it makes you feel so alone. I think that is what feels the worst.

Wanderer D

I was unprepared too, and I watched it alone—but! That last episode, really made my day.

Oh, it was so good! Such a great episode! I couldn't ask for more!

I feel you dude,

Thankyou for your words.
It is 1am my local time, I have been lying in bed trying to sleep before the finale airing at 8am.

Reading this on my smartphone in bed, as I always do at night with Fimfiction.

As for #1, I will be watching the stream at Brony Network.
Because indeed, the fandom completes the show.

Well I'll give G5 a shot I'm not expecting anything but if it turns out good then that's great news and if not we got to have an amazing ride, either way it won't be the same magic so just love the memories you have :twilightsmile: but just be happy that it happened and that we all got to experience it

Thanks. :)
And I have no intention of leaving any time soon. :)

Oh yeah... I should really watch the show at some point

You know, reading things like this always gives me a weird kind of feeling - or rather the lack of it.

It just ended for me and the empty sensation faded quickly. Ultimately it might prove that I am as detached from emotions as people say I am.


On a side note: It seems the comic will officially continue with S10.


Mourning is important. Closure is important. Also, understanding that the show will live on, regardless, in minds and hearts and fanwork and comic form (whoohoo!) is also important.

I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that Hasbro drops a blue-ray boxed set on us, but I have my doubts on that happening for some reason.

G5 will probably not be around for a bit. But when it shows up, I'll be there. Hopefully this site will still be around as well, and some of us can wander back for a new generation of stories and new friends and old friends can continue on writing fun interesting and lewd pony stuff.

So, I only got choked up at three total parts, but didn't turn into a sobbing wreck at any of them. I don't get emotionally attached to shows to that level anymore.


That ending was perfect. It was a perfect way to end this series, to end nine years with these characters, it was a perfect decision to tie it all the way back to the original season finale with the donuts, they hardly put a step wrong in how they ended this show.

And now, like Equestria is officially on Twilight's shoulders now, the fandom is officially on ours.

Gentlemen, ladies, it has been an honor to be with you these last eight years. I hope we're all here for many more.


I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that Hasbro drops a blue-ray boxed set on us, but I have my doubts on that happening for some reason.

Make a thing that will make them money? Why would they do that? :ajsmug:

Oh yeah, and to borrow and repurpose something JK Rowling once said...

"Whether you come back by fanfics, or fan-art, or reruns, or netflix, or sharing this series with your kids, Equestria will always be there to welcome you home."


Gentlemen, ladies, it has been an honor to be with you these last eight years. I hope we're all here for many more.


Honestly I'm not sure. I hope I'm wrong but when I think about it I just think streaming service deals and weird management with merch in general from Hasbro. They could have minted another fortune if they made their own high quality MLP toys but it seemed to me like they let the fans and 3rd parties do the lifting, for example.

Again, I hope I'm wrong I'd throw a couple hundred dollars down on an awesome quality boxed set with all the fixings.


I'd throw a couple hundred dollars down on an awesome quality boxed set with all the fixings.

Hear hear!

Someone said they felt it compared very well to this, and really, I can't help but agree.


I failed to follow rule #1 and only realized near the end of the epilogue that the Discord server I was in had a voice chat room full of people. :fluttercry:

Feels surreal to think that something that’s been a constant over the last eight years (for me) is over. It’s only really starting to settle in, and it’s a heavy feeling in the gut. But I do have to give thanks for the little C&H comic strip.

That’s a really great way to look at this. One book has been closed. It was written by some wonderfully talented people. We’ve got a whole community of wonderfully talented people, too. Now it’s up to us to keep the pages of our own book growing.

I am so happy I watched it in a voice chat with two people. It made it a lot better. I wish I did have someone in person to talk with it about, and I made sure to cry. As soon as the song started, the waterworks were there, for a while.

I didn't want it to end, and now I don't know what to do. All that I am left with are some questions that would never know the answer to!!!!!!:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:


[comics and fanfics intensify]

"I don't want to go" - 10th

I managed to pretty much hold it in until the final song trailed off to the nuzzle and the instrumental "my little pony" riff. :fluttercry:

I'd just like to comment, by the way... aye, for me, mourning turned out to be a more accurate description than I'd expected. Didn't actually cry that much when I watched it, or the little that was left in that day for me at all.

But today.

Yeah. Remembering the finale, remembering earlier parts of the show, looking back at some things, bits of the finale and earlier (I rewatched the first two episodes, among other things, and they held up really well for me; that's probably the first time I've seen them in about eight years), remembering... all sorts of things, and reflecting... Let's just say my glasses have collected a lot more saltwater spots than usual today.

I was cutting some onions earlier and reflected with some surprise and amusement that for once today my eyes were watering for something else. :)
(And then I read Horizon's comment when I came in here to post, which made me want to watch the song again, and... yep, glasses need cleaning once again.)

Bastet and Sekhmet, what a show this was.

Dammit, I still haven’t seen the finale. My sisters watched and cried. My friend watched, cried and lamented the fact I wasn’t there to share it with him even though I’d promised around a year ago that when the show ended, I would be there to help him and he in return would help me. But I was so afraid of saying goodbye I hadn’t gotten caught up completely at that time. It’s been almost six months and I’m still scared to say goodbye. I’ve been going through a bunch of really old threads to see people’s reactions to some of the best episodes of the golden age of the fandom and relive some of that excitement, but it only makes me sad. I should get with my sisters soon and watch it. It’s killing me inside.

Real talk, if you want to watch it together, in a live stream, I'll do that with you.
I'll make the time. Hmu

Holy shit, didn’t expect such an offer. It’s rather intriguing. I’ve never streamed before. The Lord Of Incest has truly blessed me!

Welp, I watched it. Oh god, I’m...broken. What now?

Today, since I was going to spending Easter with my family, I decided to watch it with my dearest sisters. The oldest one got me into the My Little Pony, had been watching it since the series premier of FiM. The youngest was born around when I started watching (2011). I couldn’t have imagined a better support network.

As I was watching I was dreading the approaching farewell. I had unfortunately seen a few spoilers in the past six months (has it really been that long?) and knew a few things. But still, I was completely destroyed. It was so good. It hurt so much. Even now I’m crying into my Easter dinner. So much wrapped up. Nine. Whole. Years. All of them come and brought so many wonderful friends, faces and adventures with them...and they’re all gone. An era now come to a close. The book is done, every page filled. All that’s left is memories, what once was. This spring is the first time in five years we won’t be looking forward to a premiere, the first time we’ve gone more than a year without ponies. No more hiatuses, just...nothing. I’m even whimpering from looking at my alarms to the now dormant alarm I used to have to wake me up for new episodes, only to sleep in!

I honestly don’t know what to say or feel. I know the fandom will persevere, as there’s too much love for us to fade away. But without new stuff coming out to provide more ideas and concepts, characters and stories...will we fizzle out? We’ve seen drops in fans before, but now we’re left with the aftermath to make with it what we will. I have no clue what to do.

This feeling. This feeling of dread and inconsolable sadness. It will pass. Not tonight. Maybe not for another week or two. But it will pass. Slowly. Little by little. Each day it will get a little better.

And then in a couple weeks, you will feel like you did yesterday. Where the show felt like it was in a Schrodinger's cat state of both being alive and dead. Because we are making new pony content every single day. Stories, art, music, and videos!

We are still here. And through us, pony lives on. There are over 200 episodes for you to go back and re-watch now. I do it all the time when I write for referencing canon. And I never stop enjoying it!

You are sad now, and nothing I say is going to help you feel better. The only thing that will help is TIME. You need time to grieve. You need time to be sad and cry. Take your time. Be sad. Cry. It's okay.

And then feel better. It's okay to feel better. You are not betraying the show by getting over it ending. You are not loving ponies any less. You are moving on from the sadness, not the fandom. You need to let yourself feel better. Then you can come back to us.

And then you will be at peace.

Thank you for your worlds, man. I really appreciate it. I understand what you mean, it won’t feel better soon. I’ve been in the middle of pining for those old days, when the show was such a phenomenon and Equestria still felt...wild in some ways? There was still so much to explore, edges of the map to expand and that felt truly like an adventure. Now, it’s all been filled. Every edge of the map, every page of that big, beautiful book we haven’t seen since we started watching. I’m glad there’s people like you amongst us. Some may find their way in other directions, and some will stay, looking forward to what the future may bring us. I’m hoping some that lost their way in the past can find their way back to share in the joy they once knew as that we still enthrall ourselves in.

It’s been one big, incomparable ride that I can’t even begin to put into words how much it’s meant to me personally, not to mention the millions of others hat have been touched by Friendship is Magic. Our girls are grown up and we watched every step, every stumble, every high and low along this long road. I want to thank you, Shakespearicles, and everyone in this vibrant and wonderful community for being with us and helping so many of us foster our passion for these lovable characters. From a shut-in nerd trying to set up a festival, to a princess with an incredible heart who helped change the world around her into a utopia for all. It’s...it’s been such a big part of my life, affecting me in some way every single day. I only hope Hasbro can use this unprecedented generation to inspire them in creating more honest, quality content in the future to keep fans wanting more and revitalize new fans. We may not ever see another resurgence like this show brought, or maybe we’ll see an even bigger one down the line. All I can say is thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day. I’d love to talk some more sometime, should you feel comfortable with that. You seem like a good friend :fluttercry::heart:

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