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  • 9 weeks
    Just saw the G5 Movie (Spoiler free)

    It's awesome in my opinion :twilightsmile: If you haven't seen it yet, you should do so soon:raritywink:

    And I really love the many many references and Easter-eggs to G4. For sure there was put a lot of effort and love in that new movie:pinkiehappy:

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  • 9 weeks
    Teaser for Chapter 6

    The inchapter artwork by Clarke Otterton

    It's with spoiler tag for those who don't want to know previously:twilightsmile:

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  • 11 weeks
    The Dragon And The Pony 3 - next chapter

    Hey guys!

    So, I finished writing the chapter and also talked with my editor and one of my artists, therefore, in 12 days latest, the chapter should go online for all of you to enjoy.🐉

    Have a nice day!


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  • 27 weeks
    TDATP3 What do you guys want to see?

    So I was thinking about the future chapters of The Dragon And The Pony 3, you know the current one just needs editing and is ready to go, but the following, I am not quite sure what kind of side events or lore you guys would like to read about or want to explore? I mean there are many opportunities, new species, continents, towns, or villages, also caves or even side locations like the Roof Of

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  • 29 weeks
    Update on TDATP3

    So the next chapter is written down, I sended it to QueenChrysalisforever for the pre-reading. :twilightsmile: And as usual, after she did, Schattendrache should edit it.:eeyup:

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I think I should change the next authors note · 10:30am Oct 12th, 2019

Well, so I puplished the next chapter of TDATP2 today, and while writing the short authors note, I had an idea. Maybe I add a recipe for something in it next time, maybe waffles or something as simple, so people post comments about the dish at least:derpytongue2: I mean, we all know authors die for comments, (or kill for them:pinkiecrazy:) but normally I don't get much for the actuall content of the chapters. So maybe, next time a recipe it is, or something else that draw attention:trollestia:

So who wants to read the next chapter:

[Adult story embed hidden]

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