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    Delays in updates for Rage.

    As I feared, as we go into the second half of Rage of a queen, updates will not be as clockwork regular. I did have to sit down and rewrite most of the second part, and I just first today sent chapter 12 to the editor, but I'm hoping it will be ready sometime this week, but I much rather delay the update and give you a good chapter, than a poorly edited mess if I just let my own editing suffice.

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    Apologies for late update.

    I noticed I didn't press the publish button for chapter 9, of Rage yesterday, but that has been fixed.

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    Rage is on.

    Well first chapter of Rage of a Queen. Wrath of A Mother is up. I hope you all enjoy this crazy ride as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


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    So what's after Rage?

    Now that I've revealed that I've already finished writing nearly half of Rage, the sequel to last of the dark ponies, I probably should touch on what happens after that story is done and published.

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    Status on Stories.

    I am still very much alive, creatively though, I kind of just went quiet mostly because work got rather busy.

    I'm still writing Rage and I'm already finishing up chapter 12, which does mean I'm very close to the halfway point of the story (you may have noticed I don't really write that long stories, they rarely go past 20+ chapters)

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Starting to get used to this. · 8:11pm Oct 10th, 2019

Well I'm finally getting used to this new work life, working nights and sleeping during the day and having strictly speaking a three day weekend. I'll eventually soonish start shifting gears towards creative works again, since I put everything on hold while adapting to this new way of living.

I personally am loving this schedule actually, I am not the most social person out there so social life isn't so much of an issue for me. Sure there will eventually be some things I need to do that can only been done during the day, but I can probably schedule most of that for before I go to bed in the mornings or just wake up a little earlier than usual (I usually wake up around 4-5 pm in the afternoon)

But damn, losing my previous job and having to desperately scramble to secure a new one sure threw a wrench in my story plans, I had intended to begin publishing the sequel to the Last of the Dark Ponies around this or next month, seems I'll have to delay it to the next year. Since I still haven't finished putting out the second part of the Sons of Barricade, and I do have one more story with Sombra still in Tartarus that centers on Cadance's past which I want to come out. Not to mention it put the Pony Pixels to a grinding halt, AGAIN. Seriously I'm starting to think that comic is cursed. :twilightoops:

I also just want to remind the readers of the Equestria tales that it does not follow season 9, it stops following the show at the end of season 8. I have mentioned this before, but you never know. Not that I dislike season 9 (I actually love it, it's managed to displace season 8 as my favorite) and I would have loved having the Equestria tales following the show to the bitter end, but the way my stories processed and how Sombra ended up returning, I had to sit down and reflect and realize that putting a dividing line between the show and my fan fic series just was a must by that point. The show has already blown out of the water a lot of things I've put down, which happens that is just the nature of fan fics when you write what you think might happen and then the show proves you wrong later down the line. Happened to me all the time when writing TMNT fan fics, one series followed the 2003 series for the most part up until season 5, at that point I just had to part ways with the show in continuity since they just went into so drastically different direction that I just could not in anyway write it into the series I was writing.

So no, Sombra in the Equestria tales will not turn into the magnificent ham that he was in the season 9 opener and not go into such an open war just like that. Then again (and yes I have watched the leaked final episodes, it had just reached a point that it was impossible to avoid spoilers so I caved and hunted down the leaks and watched them) there is a heavy implication there I could use to justify having Equestria Tales also have season 9 canon, but I've made my decision. It's actually fitting with my style, to have my stories follow the show up to a point and then divert off into an alternate timeline where things happened differently, after all Sombra never resurrected in the show via possession nor did he curse Ponyville and trap three of the four Princesses and Discord.

Heck, I gave Scootaloo parents in the very first story of the damn series. :rainbowlaugh:

Though it's crazy, the show agreed with me on this one thing regarding her parents, they both are working outside Ponyville and so busy that Scootaloo is mostly on her own. I'm still wondering if DHX is reading my mind somehow. Naah.

Anyway, as I said, I'll soon be able to shift gears back to writing and sadly I must disappoint one person. There will be very little in terms of romance in the sequel to last of the dark ponies. Except between Dew and Private, since they hooked up at the end of the Last of the Dark Ponies.


Because shipping your own characters is the safest ship.

Most of the time.


Who am I kidding, it's not the safest ship at all. :twilightoops:

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