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So, this is it · 2:17am Oct 9th, 2019

The shows coming to an end (It hasn't yet right?) and well, I don't want to just not say anything about that. I wanted to put my voice out there, talk about the impact this had on me.

Did we make a difference? - Chapter 3, Me
I did, but I wanted to make this post to talk about it, something a little more personal.

Well, first of all, Thank you to This guy, DougtheLoremaster, for putting the above together. Seriously, I wouldn't have ever talked about this if not for this opportunity.

Second, the show. Well, where to start? I could go as far back as watching the colourful show and thinking it was a nice reprieve from the darker (Literally) shows that I usually watched or maybe back to watching it with my sisters. No, I think I'll just talk about a few things, the important ones.

This show taught me a lot about loyalty and trust, and the fandom about respect. I never really understood trust and loyalty before this show. My dad, who's supposed to be one of the most loyal and dependable people in your life lied a lot, he failed to meet commitments many times. My dad wasn't a bad person, he just wasn't the best, he'd fail to even show up to pick me up some times, others he was so early he picked me up from school. I had no grasp of two of the most important concepts for people to learn at 13, no idea what they really were. It wasn't just my dad, most of my friends at the time were my fourth-grade bully's (Yeah, figure that one out) so trying to decode loyalty from that was likely a bad move. I couldn't trust most of them either so now I'm in a pinch, a kid with no trust and questionable examples of loyalty, what'd I do?

I learned from the only source I could, TV. MLP was where I first figured out what loyalty truly was, where I first grabbed at an alien concept that would go on to be at the center of my being. I owe this show so much. Trust is a bit different, I flat learned that from Discord, yeah I think it's a bit weird too. Discord strewed distrust amongst the characters and we watched the fallout, it's a scene that will stick with me for likely my whole life. It was the first real show of how a lack of trust could destroy a group that I ever saw. I didn't trust a lot as a kid (after the above paragraph, I'd imagine you can guess why), I still don't but we need that underlying sense of trust or nothing happens. prepare for the worst hope for the best, that's trust, believe in the bad and trust in the good.

And the fandom, I leaned respect from you. From here. Look at my story's comment section, look at comments on groups, look at the RWBY groups forms that argue about the show and you'll see why. (Side note, to the RWBY group members, you fucking rule, toxic as fuck fandom but convo's don't even leave civil, nice) I read some truly shit stories on here when I started out and yet no one was being a dick about it. That's not the case, there are some massive fucking assholes on here but I didn't see them at 13.

Know what? Here's an example of one of the worst comments on the biggest piece of shit I've ever read, The Royal Secrets by me. (Pulled down by me because holy fuck is it bad)

I actually managed to read this. Wow.

This is VERY random. And not in a fun way. I guess this is your first attempt at writing? (I'm not trying to discourage you, but work on that grammar please...)

And that nightmare moon thing. That just happened. Whaaaaa.

Like okay, wonderful. That's literally one of the worst ones (There's likely worst but I'm lazy), the fuck is this fandom? And I mean they aren't wrong, it was my first foray into writing, Here's the shit I do now: ME! And, on here, be careful with this one, you were warned (Self-promo for the WIN!)

I've believed heavily for years now that tattoos were a wast and now I'm considering permanently inking a single word into my arm and it's because of this show. You can't tell me that it had no impact on me.

So yeah, just thanks. This show was important to me and to all of us. It mattered, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Hey, you've done a great thing, I hope you know that.

I'm told the finale aired.

It's over, the shows ended. I... wow, what a ride. This show will be remembered for a long time to come.

And it seems appropriate to say this here, for the first time as a sort of farewell.

- 𝒟𝓊𝓈𝓀

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