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    Story Progress: First Update

    So I currently have 11 completed chapters (roughly 120,000 words) completed for my Fallout: Equestria story! The question is, do anyone have advice on the best way to go about feeding this out? I have it mostly edited but this process has been going somewhat slow due to college stuff. Still, I hope to start posting in the next month or so. ^_^

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    General Update (For Those Who Care)

    Hello all,

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  • 116 weeks
    Pre/Proof Reader

    Hello all,
    Figured i'd pool from the people on here I know (Yes i'm still around, most days in fact) to see if anyone would like to be a test reader for a Fallout Equestria story? Merely PM me or answer here or whatever works.

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  • 285 weeks
    4 Das Until Destiny!

    I'm greatly anticipate this game as it is very different from Halo. Everyone tries to say it is the same but those are usually only people who have yet to try it.
    I made a clan for it dedicated to exploration and understanding the story of it and of course ponies because sure why not.

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  • 285 weeks
    7 Days Till Destiny!!

    So is anypony following me getting it? If so, which system??

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General Update (For Those Who Care) · 11:00pm Oct 8th, 2019

Hello all,

I haven't made one of these in over two years! But anyway, I feel an update is worth doing as there may be one or several stories being posted in the next couple of months. This depends entirely on progress and confidence but I am writing most of these stories out before posting so I can do regular upload schedules. I have been fairly pre-occupied with schooling for my History degree, the death of my dog, and the loss of one of my best friends who was an author on this site as well. Whiskey Drops (or just Lowell for anyone who talked to him as I did) was my first friend in this fandom and generally one of the best people to talk to given his kind nature but he ultimately passed away due to illness and health complications. This has greatly slowed down everything I've been doing as I hadn't heard from him for a few months prior to his passing and that is slowly ebbing away at me.

I hope to be able to get my story Fallout Equestria: Project Orion posted sometime by the start of next year but this depends mostly on school. I also have a few short stories I may post and I am working on one set in the regular show. Hopefully these ventures are worth reading but I refuse to let them just be finished and unposted! Here's hoping 2020 becomes a year where I actually start doing more of my author things as well as ensure the spark of this fandom doesn't go out!
(Also comments are welcomed so I know who is still alive/willing to talk~)

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Comments ( 7 )

hi there, glad to see you being active again

Trying. I realized I basically missed all of my chance to make friends on here or find people to talk to so its a little bitter sweet. Lowell wanted to get back to posting his stories again but sadly he can't and so I will make stories and use the character I helped him make for himself.

I try lol and sadly it seems most of my followers here have moved on from the fandom so it's been highly upsetting to read those last blog updates :applecry:

We get the stories in soon, it just work in progress

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