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    To Fleur or not to Fleur? That is the question.

    In the last couple of days, I've finally began the process of moving forward with my writing. Hearing that may excite some and bum out others, as I have noticed that I can be very wordy compared to other writers out there. I think that looking back, even though I was introducing an original character and a new concept in "The Blue and the Grey" (namely the Royal Flying Corps), I really could have

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    Two more chapters

    In the last few weeks, I actually managed to get a bit more of both "The Blue and the Grey" and "Danger Close" out there. I figure that "The Blue and the Grey" has probably two more chapters to go, but I really don't have a final idea for "Danger Close" yet. I'd like to finish these darn things, but the last thing that I want is something rushed, or just plain abandoned. I've read a story like

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    I had an interesting experience over the last week. I had recently renewed a discussion with another blogger regarding (in a roundabout way) Princess Luna, and an alternate potential ending to the series that another writer proposed in a story. The blogger asked me to propose how this alternate ending would have played out, and I did, to a less than enthusiastic reception.

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    Bumping up the Numbers

    Having gotten the latest chapter of "The Blue and the Gray" out and into the world, I find myself turning once again to my other active story, "Danger Close". I'm thinking that I can make some progress on that over the next couple of weeks, having finally gotten a critical character a bit more sorted out. Which is a good thing, because I seem to find myself rereading a lot of my own work these

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And the title is....uh? · 1:12pm Oct 7th, 2019

I'm making pretty good progress on the second chapter of my story "The Blue and the Grey", but I've run into an unexpected snag, namely the title. I've never been big about the whole idea of just having chapters numbered, and I thought that it would be interesting to have the chapters of this story taken from popular song lyrics. The problem is that the one I had in mind doesn't match well with the chapter I'm currently working on. It will probably be useful later in the story, but it still leaves me with the question of what to use now. I guess it's not as big a problem as not knowing what to write, but it's still...annoying. I guess the only way to solve the problem is listen to more music. How do other writers come up with titles?

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Maybe I can help. What exactly happens in your new chapter? (Be sure to leave it in spoiler tags for everyone else!)

The story involves the conflict between Rainbow Dash and Royal Flying Corps Wing Commander Dawn Rider, who was called in to advise when Spitfire is injured and Misty Fly was named interim commander. (only a Wonderbolt can command the Wonderbolts after all) Rainbow and Dawn had a major argument going since the invasion after the Mane Six and their new allies, minus Twilight of course were brought back from the Badlands by the R.F.C. , and announced they were going after the Storm King by themselves. (in the argument, Rainbow accuses the Royal Flying Corps, and by extension the Royal Guard, of incompetence and abandoning them to their fate, while Dawn argues that the armed forces did try to defend Canterlot, and that the Mane Six ran off without even trying to get any support) As the story progresses, Rainbow has spoken to Spitfire, who tells her that Dawn is her friend, and that she asked for her help. So, Rainbow goes back to H.Q., and in the course of events, finds out that Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger have been called up to fill out the team, (and it turns out that they both know Dawn Rider, and that they are R.F.C. reservists as well as Wonderbolt reservists), and that as she tries to be civil with Dawn, it is revealed that Dawn, in her capacity as an intelligence officer, while trying to get clues as to what happened to the Mane Six, has read a classified intelligence report on her, which she very much resents. She is then dismissed by Misty, but has her chance to show up Dawn when she notices her watching the Wonderbolts practice. While flying back to H.Q., accompanied by Vapor, she spots Dawn, perched on a tower watching the team fly by. While Dawn is distracted watching the others, Rainbow executes an extremely low pass right over her head, frightening her and causing her to drop something from the tower, which causes Vapor to scold Rainbow over an act that she sees as unnecessarily mean Addendum: the title refers to the result of the argument, a division that develops between military and civilian Wonderbolts (Wonderbolts wear blue of course, and the R.F.C. wears grey) Hope I did this right. Please let me know either way. I've never used spoiler tags before.

You need to put "]" after the first "spoiler", and "[/" before the second "spoiler" (quotes not included). Alternatively, you can click/tap the black box with "SP" written inside of it.

As for the chapter title itself, I should be able to come up with something sometime in the next 24 hours. Need a little time to mull it over, you know what I mean?

See you then.

Thanks for the heads up. I think I've got it now. My goal is to get this chapter out there before the weekend, and the final episode, just cause.


Sorry I’m late; had a bit of a rough week.

Anyway, here are some suggestions:

  • Don’t Slow Me Down
  • Don’t Stop Me Now
  • Not Guilty
  • Despite All My Rage
  • Rat in a Cage

Hope this helps!

I'm in the midst of finishing, and editing the new chapter, under a chapter name I came up with. But, given how the story is developing, I just might use one of your suggestions. Mine is a bit too passive.

Just want to let you know that I did indeed use one of your suggestions and it worked just fine. Thank you for your assistance.

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