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What Truly Matters to Me · 8:04pm Oct 5th, 2019

Hey guys... I wanted to give you guys a quick update about me and I wanted to start out by saying I'm sorry. I'm hardly online talking with any of you except for a handful of you and even then I can barely keep a conversation with all of you going. I've been focused on my stories and when I look back, I always posted blogs about almost everything and I've neglected to do that anymore. It's always updates, updates, and updates on my stories and I feel like you guys don't like the effort I put into them.

My dream is to become a writer and I can't do that if no one pays attention to my stories. I know I've said this in the past about many stories being my final one, but my Sun Princess Series and the many sequels that'll follow after, are my stepping stone to writing a real story. One that'll inspire others, create a new fanbase, and someday if I'm lucky enough, get a show/movie. It can even be terrible but it'll show that some people enjoy it.

I know that my blogs have been dull lately and normally I'd show something cute, or even just post something stupid and ridiculous and you'd all come swarming in and we'd all laugh about it together. I really miss those days, but now most of my friends are gone, the girl I love no longer speaks to me unless it's just quick banter to sate her boredom, and the few friends that are still here are busy with their stories. I've fallen out of love and now I can only put what little passion I have left for this fandom into writing a story that'll one day get featured so I know that I did it. It's been a very hard time for me, especially when I have, school, work, and helping others write their stories. I truly miss the old days when I could just post a random story and everyone would get a kick out them.

I'm not asking for a lot from you guys. I only ask for you to give my series a chance. Give it one quick read and leave some feedback, leave a like or a dislike, but tell me where I can improve so that I'll know that there are places for improvement. Well... I doubt anyone will read this blog from me since I hardly get noticed anymore, but do check out my Book I & II of my series I'll leave it here at the bottom for you guys to check it out.

TGems I: The Sun Princess
Two thousand years ago have passed since the princesses had vanished from the face of the earth leaving the ponies under the control of the Order. But when a pony claims to be one of the princesses a stallion named Watcher tries to help her.
Pen Dragon · 59k words  ·  147  33 · 1k views
TGems II: Dawn of The Princesses
Barely escaping the hooves of the Order, Watcher and Celestia take refuge in Everfree City in hopes of starting over while also searching for the other three lost princesses.
Pen Dragon · 48k words  ·  33  4 · 855 views
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Sorry about what’s going on in your life if you want to join a discord that I’m in it is a new one but it’s pretty active. https://discord.gg/TZnEBQ we will be happy to have you join us

I understand, and I want you to understand something as-well.

It seems like you’ve lost so much you love, that you turn to what you can salvage: Your love for stories; and because you’ve lost so much you feel that attention and positive feedback can fill you with what you’re missing. Even if some of it is negative, it’s still attention. :applecry: You want to get better to make your goal or dream a reality; to be an amazing writer for whatever personal preference or reasoning- to not feel neglected like you’ve neglected your blogs, because you miss the old days.

Yes, the old days were golden. So, so golden, it conflicts me, but not badly. Some of us and sad yet joyous at the ending of the show, fewer feel that there is a deadline because of the show so it’s all about writing, writing, and writing. :rainbowderp: But please, don’t do this to yourself. I want you to understand this one important detail.

If you only focus on writing and updating, you will lose that last bit of passion keeping you forward.

You will get numb after so much of the same thing. I’ve noticed the consistency in your updates and your sudden silence, but don’t forget, you still have a lot of support! I may have made you feel lost, and I’m sorry. I fan shouldn’t do such a thing, but I feel that this, in some way, will make you feel better, so I will speak. Since I care for you. :heart:

I suggest that instead of all your time spent online writing, half it into socializing. :yay: Make some more online friends here! I completely understand that you’re sad about most of your friends leaving and you’re expected to grief, but that shouldn’t stop you from making even more friends. And isolating yourself isn’t going to do you any good. :pinkiesad2:

No one is going to stop you from doing what you love, not even me, despite of what I may have said. This is your choice and your life, you do what you want with it. I’m concerned for you, as should anyone after hearing your cry, and I only want to caution you with your decision that you seem to keep choosing.

Again, no one will stop you from your passion, but please don’t lose it at the cost of your sorrows. :fluttershysad:

Remember that there is plenty of love to go around here. :heart:

Thank you, I really appreciate this. I needed to hear that from someone. It's been awhile since we've spoken, how are you? :)

Certainly has been a while! We should talk some more. :twilightsmile: I’m very good, thank you for asking! I’m glad to hear I made you feel better. Makes me feel better, too. If there’s anything else you want to talk about, don’t hesitate to come to me. I’m happy to talk to you, and we can share our condolences. :heart:

Again thank you and feel free to talk to me anytime. I'd like to get to know you :)

The same goes for me, my friend! :yay: I will keep in touch.

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