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  • 503 weeks

    They have new pony emoticons!

    More seriously, huzzah! Updates in abundance. Chapter 39's coming up real soon...

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  • 505 weeks
    Guess Who's Back!?


    ... And me.

    WELL, finals were certainly fun. Good grades on all assignments I've been given feedback on thus far. What matters more is that I got through it all alive and now have a week and a half until my summer student research begins. Ah, the free time.

    Let's get rolling again; the end is coming up!

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  • 506 weeks

    3 Group Projects

    2 Individual Projects

    3 Papers

    2 Exams

    40 hrs work/week

    Theatre involvement

    All in the past week, this week, and half of next week. I've quite literally had 0 time for story work. I'll try and get something Thursday, as that's my Reading Recess break.

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  • 508 weeks

    New favorite picture of her.

    Credit to BlockEraser on deviantArt, you crazy awesome artist.

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  • 508 weeks

    The show's, obviously, not my story's.

    Anyways, AMAZING! Such a great episode. Best part by far is "This Day Aria", and in it the beginning where Chrysalis says "I have fooled them" and her eyes glow that menacing green and blue. Just breath-taking.

    It lacked some history, and could have used some more Luna, but overall it was spectacular! Hope you all are faring well.

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The Tables Have Been Turned! · 2:20am Feb 13th, 2012

Now yours truly is "Watching" all of you. Reader-Author is an important relationship; I don't want to feel like I'm on another level or anything writing my blog, so it's about time I start reading yours. Heck, for those of you writing, I should read some of your stuff too!

Also, this means if you stop watching, I'll know who you are... >:D

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Comments ( 7 )

woot, always fun to have more talented authors watch me :rainbowlaugh:


Who says I'm more talented? :derpytongue2:

I suddenly feel compelled to start using my blog... :derpytongue2:


Entertain me! :flutterrage:

:rainbowlaugh: Hahahaha

This explains why I logged on and found that you where watching me. "Why you would any one watch me? The only thing on my profile is my Celestia is best pony blog." Its nice though :D though now i am not sure what to do with this sudden watcher :facehoof:

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