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    The Changeling at Fly Leaf's

    So you know how I had said I wouldn't be writing a sequel to "Grief is the Price We Pay?"

    Well, I'd argue that is still the case, because in terms of continuity this is, technically, not a sequel. :raritywink:

    EThe Changeling at Fly Leaf's
    A certain two employees at Fly Leaf's Books and Stationery decide to pull a Nightmare Night prank on their competitor.
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    A Sneak Peek #5

    For that spook month-themed fic I mentioned in the previous blog post.

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    Update on Things (as of 10/2022)

    Just wanted to pop in and comment on what projects I am currently working on and what their present state is.

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    Dang it, Tell Your Tale!

    I was starting to brainstorm my own G5 haunted house tale, and now you've gone and stolen my thunder! :raritydespair:

    ...Oh well, I hadn't gotten super far with it and honestly their version is better than what little I had come up with anyway. :derpytongue2:

    Back to the drawing board, then.

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    Update on Things (as of 6/2022)

    I've realized I haven't really posted anything in the way of new fics since May of last year, so I just wanted to pop in and assure that I am still working on new content, just haven't gotten anything complete to post as of yet...partly due to things not always going a fic's particularly way, or for other reasons entirely.

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Don't You Just Hate It... · 6:00pm Oct 4th, 2019

...when you get this really good idea for a fan fic--this sort of adventure/mystery sort of tale feature Gallus, Spike, their respective pasts, their presents, and details on certain long-absent family members--but you know, deep down, you really don't have the time to commit to such a project?

Especially when you're me, and are trying (and only kind of succeeding?) to cut back on long-form fanfics? :rainbowlaugh:

Man, so much I wanna do and just not enough means to make it all happen, at least not when I want it to.

If it helps, though, I am sporadically working on other WIP fics. You've got your usual projects like that "Grief is the Price We Pay" final edit-through that I'm still slowly working my way through (currently around chapter "Lost Cause" on that, in case that interests anyone), and of course, the oft-mentioned but never elaborated "swansong" fic that I finally made enough of a breakthrough to get through where I had long been stuck on that plot, so hopefully progress on that will start going quicker.

Then I've also got a couple misc. one-shot fics I've been dabbling with, one of which might come out as a good Halloween-themed fic if I can pull it together in time. We'll see. No promises. Don't really have any clear time-table for any of these, just goals I'd like to meet but don't necessarily have to, y'know?

But I hope I can get a new fic of some sort out before the end of the year. If not though, definitely sometime next year.

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Bleh, I hate it when that kinda thing happens and you spread yourself too thin with too many fics.

It's the worst.

Godspeed, evil man.

I had the same sort of idea hahaha

It wasn't long-form though, I wanted to do a five or six chapter horror/mystery with Gallus (who was staying in Twilight's castle for the summer) and Spike (who was in charge of the castle while Starlight and Twi were at a friendship retreat) getting on each other's nerves and then slowly bonding over shared nightmares and spooky happenings.

But it never really panned out :raritycry:

That's sort of the curse of the writer I think—once you figure out how to come up with ideas they won't stop coming, and that brings you the challenge of choosing which ones to commit to and which ones to stow away for an unspecified time in the future.

Man, so much I wanna do and just not enough means to make it all happen, at least not when I want it to.

Huh. Join the club, we've got jackets. :ajbemused:

Sometimes, I think the only solution is to keep hammering away at this writing thing and hope you get better over time.

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