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Halloween Costume Contest · 5:54pm Oct 4th, 2019

Hello everyone. Here for a few reasons. First being to announce that I am still around (again), but also to repeat the tradition started last year in my blog with another Halloween Costume contest featuring Schorl and Scylla.

While last year's theme was Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (the amine, not the clothing items :P), this year's theme is Dead By Daylight, an indy horror themed game that you can find on pretty much every platform in existence.

Scylla’s costume is of one of the killers original to the game, Suzie, one of the members of "The Legion". The Legion is a group angsty teens who formed a murder cult, and Suzie (A.K.A. best girl) fulfills the role of the "shy one". Though she seems to drop that persona when hunting down and stabbing her victims to death with her improvised stabbing tool.

Schorl, on the hand, is dressed as a movie familiar character for horror fans. Amanda Young from Saw, or as the game calls her "The Pig". Being a huge Saw fan, Amanda is one of my favorite killers, and her use of the iconic "Reverse Bear Trap Helmets" in game is something I greatly enjoy.

As with last year, we will be having a small poll on which costume you all like better, and will be leaving a link to the poll at the bottom of the post. There will be a follow up image later on based on the results, putting one character at the mercy of the other in a more risque setting, so vote on whomever you’d like to see on top in that situation, with Scylla as Trick and Schorl as Treat. Until then, Happy Halloween and we hope you all like the image.

Place your vote!

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