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Masquerade (Answering details) · 5:35am Oct 4th, 2019

When a man carries a belly full of hate, a few words are not going to change him. (A philosophical proverb)

I cannot reveal too much of Masquerade yet, because he has not been fully revealed (Identified) to the characters in the fic, and until then, I cannot post full information about him (Even if YOU VIEWERS know who he is already or not)

But I would like to answer a problem someone asked me by Private message, just in case other people have the same problem, regauding how he behaved in chapter 33.


“ENOUGH!” shouted Sunset. Her voice echoed all through the city.

“How dare you say those things about us!” she snarled at him, “What makes you such an expert on being a hero anyway? What nice things have you ever done for people?”

“She’s right!” added Robin “You’re so busy only caring for yourself that all you do is cause suffering and misery wherever you go.

It wouldn’t surprise me if no one wanted to ever be your friend!”

The others all agreed with him all the way, but Masquerade could only remark “Friendship is just stupid. It’s nothing but a dead-end network of lies and un-fulfilment.”

And what I was asked by a viewer is...

He never once truly answered their question and just makes another excuse about why he hates friendship. In other words, he knows that they are right, but he's too far up his own ass to admit it.

There are legitimate reasons why he did not answer (And there are not acts of laziness, it's part of the fic)

-Like in all stories, don't expect or demand that everything be explained to you all in one shot and right away. You let the fic run it's course. What needs to be said or revealed or answered will be done so AT THE APPOINTED AND PROPER TIME IN THE STORY and not before.

-In order to tell them his reasons, he would have to reveal his true identity. (As was explained above) it is not time for that yet, especially considering that he has gone to such incredible lengths to ensure nobody IDs him.

-His outfit covers his entire body, so he can't shed skin or hair.
-He wears gloves so he can't leave finger prints.
-He has an adult voice, so it cannot be matched in any file.
-Trying to get a saliva sample from him is hard because he TAKES the cups, utensils, and any trash he has with him to dispose of it somewhere in private.
-The electrodes under his mask make him impervious to scanning, X-Ray, and forms of magic (You cannot record his voice, you cannot X-ray him, Raven cannot grab him, trap him, or read his mind with her powers) and Vic cannot scan for him with his com because he is undetectable. (He won't appear on screen, like he's not even there) Even planting a tracker bug on him will give no signal due to the electrodes.

Another similar reference to this I have done is in DARKNESS OF DIMENSIONS.

Beast Boy was accused of raping Terra, when the truth is she WILLINGLY slept with him, and it was SHE who made the first moves, and many of them out of her own accord. Yet when she was called to testify in court, she committed Perjury (deliberately lying and withholding evidence while under oath in court) Denying her actions and making it sound like BB really had raped her against her wises.

Her reasons: She would have to reveal her past to her schoolmates, which she feared she would lose her normal life, and she didn't feel ready to go back to the titans or face them. She would also have to reveal her involvement with Slade, and though she heroically sacrificed herself to save the city, she would still have to face charges, and even if she got off the hook, she feared she'd lose everything she had (People would see her as a freak, and she couldn't go to school anymore, and she still wasn't willing to be a hero again)

So she lied, and BB was found guilty for a crime he didn't commit!

-He's also trying to prove that Friendship doesn't always work, and that he doesn't like, need or want it. And he's gotten pretty far on his own by NOT giving into it again. (Like some people CAN ACTUALLY DO in real life)

-He's already made it clear he doesn't WISH TO explain himself to them, nor does he feel he owes them anything. He knows they won't understand, or care, and even if by some miracle they do, and are willing to apologize and make friends with him again...

I like that... a lot!


He has come too far, and he has made a life for himself. "I'm not a hero. I'm not out to save the world."

He doesn't trust anyone, and he's been hurt too many times, and does not wish to go down that road again. (Denying him this, and calling him a coward, means Terra is all the same thing with what she tried to do. Her excuse is NOTHING. she wasn't willing to face her past, she wasn't willing to make up for it, and didn't care who she hurt to get what she wanted (A normal life)

Bravo...! Bravo...!

An alternate line I'd like to use is.

"...I gave you/friendship a chance long ago and it's brought me nothing but pain!"

Or an even better line... where is the friends are unable to convince him of their sincerity, and he bids them goodbye.

*I scold the characters*

"Now what do we have to do to get you to "Take a hint!" It's over Twilight/Titans/Terra, you lost."

Or just one more, for the road...

"No, I don't feel sorry for them. They are getting exactly what they deserve, because like you told me: "What goes around comes around..."

*Glares at the Titans and Terra*

"You... all of you... you took away my future, you dashed all my dreams, and you took away the things that I held dear and demanded I come round to your way of thinking.

Well now the tables have turned. Now I'M the one with all the power, and you all have nothing!

Now you know what it feels like to be crushed!

You are not real friends... not the kind I would want!

*Terra looks heartbroken*

Mykan: "Oh, you'll get over it. I seem to recall you wanted him to... "Leave you alone." and that "The girl [he wanted you] to be is just a memory?"

Masquerade's reasons will be revealed when the time is right in the fic and NOT BEFORE!!!

I have spoken!

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