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  • 105 weeks
    Slight improvements

    So, I got the internet back, first and foremost. This means I can do more writing with less hassle, and access all my files again.

    Secondly, I managed to keep my old landlord from taking all of my security deposit. It's not the full bit, but still more than half.

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  • 106 weeks
    I am having a bad time

    so, it is going to be even longer before I can work on anything proper, cause the company the landlord is supposed to get internet from is being a pack of incompetent morons. I was supposed to have been able to work on my stories and update stuff almost a month ago. Top that with the passenger door on my truck being caved in, and you got a pretty good idea as to how things are going for me.

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  • 110 weeks

    So, all my work is pretty much on hold until my creativity comes back. On top of that, I'm moving into a new place, so I will have next to no time to work on anything at all storywise.

    I apologize, but I REALLY need to move to the new place. Like, it bad here. Unhealthy bad. My shower 'drains' at a rate of 1" of water every 5 hours.

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  • 120 weeks
    Feeling a bit better and a question for all

    Okay, so, I'm not coughing up as much blood as before, and as such, I do plan on getting back to writing. It turned out to be my allergies double-teaming me with their good old friend the Flu. Got to love allergies, right? At least now know the blood loss is not from my throat, as all this phlegm has resulted in a bit of dehydration that's caused some nosebleeds. Well anyway, now that I've

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  • 121 weeks
    Medical Problems

    Over the past week, I have been sick with a G-track virus. That wasn't so bad, except that shortly after, I also developed a horrible cough and congestion. This cough wasn't too bad at first, but as of yesterday, I coughed up blood that morning, and also this morning as well. I've gone to the doctor, and they've given me a cough syrup that is EXTREMELY potent, so I may need to take a lot of time

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Surgermageee · 11:43pm Oct 1st, 2019

It is done,and I now have 4 less wisdom teeth! That being said, I am on the best pain meds right now and look stoned as all can be. Probably am and just haven't realized it yet. So my thoughts said, "hey, Grag, you should do a face reveal," ans I'm like, but dude we dont even have that many followers yet," so he was like, "you right but do it anyways."

But I didn't listen! I'm gonna let you guys be the judge. If this blog post exceeds 100 comments from different peeps, then at least 60% are in agreement.

Just remember I am currently gagged with gauze.

Comments ( 4 )

Anesthetized Grag is not a clever Grag. You probably shouldn't do this.

Unless you really want to.

Probably should be a sober decision, lol. Up to you.

Sounds like you’re doing better than I did. I apparently pantomimed putting a burger in a blender so I could eat one sooner. I say apparently because I don’t remember that part.

If you still want to when you have returned from orbital status, go for it.

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