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Status Update and Stuff · 3:15am Oct 1st, 2019

Hey, guys!

Nothing big here. Just popping in to say I'm not dead. Compati is coming along. I'm, uh... *checks google docs* 21 chapters ahead of what's posted. Still don't feel comfortable resuming publication until I've pretty much finished the story, because story reasons, but yea it's still moving forward.

I've got a pseudo- possible- almost-sequel to Compati half written, thanks to the Sunset Shimmer Shipping Contest. Didn't finish it in time, so I'm sitting on it for now. I've also got two comedies that've been just kinda waiting for me to cross their T's and dot their I's. Maybe I'll polish those up sometime soon. Still have that half-written Tantabus Origin Story fic begging me to finish it. Why can't writing just be easy?

In more important (i.e. commission-related) fic-related news, Ruirik and I have finally gotten the One Full Day train rolling somewhat. Real Life and What Comes With It kept finagling things. Those of you who backed that project can finally hoop and holler over that.

Anyway, hope you all are doing better than I am.

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Oh no, a sad sequel to a sad expansion of an already sad story?


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