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story fail · 8:43pm Sep 30th, 2019

so yea i tried to make a story and i posted it hoping i get a approval but sadly no the reply i got was more or less saying level of grammar and/or lack of punctuation in this story is too severe and it be best if i get a pre reader to look over it so yea am finding out posting a story here not as easy as i thought anyone no any good proofreading group

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Hmm, unless something changed, mods very rarely reject stories. That said, assuming the story is written the same way as this blog, you really seem to ignore some basic principles (lack of capitalization, lack of punctuation, and so on). And no, writing from a phone (if that's what you do) is not an excuse. You want people to read your stuff, then the proper grammar and capitalization is the key (it doesn't have to be perfect, but can't be total crap either).

My suggestions:

1. Check out the guide:


It contains all the basics and will let you know how to format your story correctly:twilightsmile:.

2. Use those to catch a lot of mistakes early on:

- http://www.reverso.net/spell-checker/english-spelling-grammar/ - no registration required, but a single check is limited to 600 characters - you can, however, check multiple times if you split your story into chunks

- https://www.grammarly.com/ - a bit better alternative, free acount is usually enough for the start

Personally, I use both of those. If you choose to do the same (I highly recommend it) then first use Reverso, and then Grammarly.

3. How long is the story anyway:rainbowhuh:?

Just about 2000 would long



Hmm, 2000 words... If you want, PM me a Google Docs link or something and I will try to look at it tomorrow. I never proofread anything, but I think I should be able to do it, and give you some feedback and/or fixes.

If you decide to do it, also send me the title and short + long synopsis (descriptions) too - those are very important to interest people with the story.

Ok just be were this is my very first try in Wrighting a story so am sorry if it look bad



Don't worry about it, most first stories are like that. I will try to give you as much feedback as I can and be objective about it.

do i send it to you on here or you email



Sorry, missed the question:twilightblush:.

Use the PM to send me a link.

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