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More Android Daughter Shenanigans · 11:58pm Sep 28th, 2019

Heya Readers and fans of bi-sexual (and possibly sandwich sexual) shenanigans made manifest by a mostly female cast.

Dawn made an appearance in another story! And that story is rated mature because, yes there is sex (not with Dawn, sadly), and here it is! Six Feet of Pleasure .

If you're scared of the weight, length, or girth of the stories implications, a version from Sunset, Dawn's, and Twilight's perspective will be written up and added to Don't Drink and Science... eventually!

Thanks for continuing down this crazy journey with me. And hey! The meals are a bit soggy, but at least there are snacks!

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Comment posted by DashEight deleted Sep 29th, 2019

Hey, as long as it happens, I don’t care when it updates.

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