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Paul's Thursday Reviews CLXXVII · 3:40pm Sep 26th, 2019

Well, quite the day of mixed results. On the downside, I was on my way to work at 5:30 this morning when my car… dropped something. I don’t know what, I just know that it made a loud bang, I ran over it with my rear tires, and my engine died instantly. I was able to get it to the shoulder of the (very busy) highway before the power steering died, at least. Whatever I lost, it also caused all the oil to leak out right away.

Good news is that Houston’s emergency roadside assistance service, which is run by contracting private towing companies, got a truck to me without any action on my part within five minutes. Also good news is that my towing expenses are all covered by insurance and vehicle warranty (to my surprise). Bad news is that I am now stuck at home without any way to get to work. Luckily, my boss is a very reasonable, understanding guy and isn’t bothered by this. Unfortunately I had a project that was due for release on Monday and, while I can do nothing with it until someone gets back to me with technical corrections, it would really stink if we missed the due date because the lead writer was stuck at home. Here’s hoping I can get a lender.

On to happier news. First, my attempts at getting way ahead of my review schedule has paid off sooner than expected. As of this week I am so far in advance of the schedule that I was able to take ten of my bigger stories, totalling over 1.6 million words, and throw them all into a single scheduled blog in late January. Yes, late January. I’m that far ahead now. This cuts nine full weeks off of my Long-Term schedule.

The catch? Starting around Halloween I will be reading nothing but big stories straight up to January. Which isn’t so bad on the surface. It’s way easier to read three big stories without writing any reviews every day. But it also means that I won’t be advancing my schedule at all until then; my review schedule will be, for all intents and purposes, static. But hey, I won’t miss a single week of reviews! I’m okay with this.

Also good news: the rough draft for chapter 8 of Famous Last Words is done! I intend to share a little 500-600 word preview this weekend, just to show you guys that, yeah, there really is material being written.

Alright, enough of that. Let’s get to some reviews.

Post-post Update: Just heard back from the mechanic. There is literally a hole in my engine. Like a piston got under pressure and punctured the engine itself. So now I’m stuck at home waiting for an insurance adjuster to take a look and decide whether they’ll replace the engine for me or give me a lump sum to get a new car.

Good news is that I can work from home, although I’ll have to get my boss or an associate to deliver my computer to me. And the grocery store is a 20-minute walk away if I need anything. So there’s that. And I have financial backup plans in place, so having to get a new car wouldn’t kill me, only put me behind a bit.

Stories for This Week:

Language Barrier by Aquaman
The One That Stayed Behind by Harmony Pie
Royal Review by KnightMysterio
Twilight is Annoyed by Protopony350
Baby Pictures by QueenMoriarty
Line Up! by Maddiepink5
Rarity Gets Drunk and Talks to an Apple by Paulicus
Clover Honey by AugieDog
One Last Time by Jhoira
Brittle by Rambling Writer

Total Word Count: 60,388

Rating System

Why Haven't You Read These Yet?: 0
Pretty Good: 6
Worth It: 3
Needs Work: 0
None: 0

After hearing Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash utter what must be “bad words”, Dinky of course shares it with her friends Peachy Pie and Sunny Daze. Now they’re stuck in a conversation in which they struggle to understand the very concept of “bad words” and what makes one word worse to say than another, especially considering other words meaning the exact same thing are perfectly legitimate.

This was a fun look into the life of children, particularly their utter confusion as to the behavior of adults. How the heck is “peeved” considered vulgar but “annoyed” isn’t? Their struggle to grasp this concept is highly entertaining. The fact that Dinky discovers an entirely new “bad word” at the end of the story is just the icing on the cake.

It’s entirely possible that Aquaman was being meta with this one, using the perspective of children in a world that has silly swear words by our standards to highlight the silliness of words being taboo in the first place. If that’s the case, I applaud him. If that’s not the case, I still applaud him, because this was a fun read.

Bookshelf: Pretty Good

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Button GnashPretty Good
DetachableWorth It

Set immediately after the events of Too Many Pinkie Pies, this story starts with Pinkie visiting Applejack to apologize for the clones ruining the barn raising. After Pinkie leaves, AJ notices something odd about the collapsed structure and goes to investigate. She is shocked to find one last Pinkie clone hiding there, one with a straight mane, limited memories, and an abrasive personality.

The story operates under the idea that Pinkamena and Pinkie Pie really are different personalities, and Pinkamena was the original. But she got overwhelmed by our friendly Pinkie Pie and lost control, becoming the sub-personality, when she got her cutie mark. The Mirror Pool has brought her out as a separate pony, and now she has no idea what to do with her new lease on life.

While I was a little miffed that we never get to see Pinkie’s reaction to her ‘darker half’ coming to life, I think it was a smart move having Applejack be the one to find and care for her. After all, when it comes to patience AJ has the monopoly, and patience is absolutely needed when dealing with this aggressive version of Pinkie. It felt really odd to me that AJ was able, after only a few minutes of conversation, to ‘figure out’ Pinkamena and no longer take offense (or even acknowledge) the mare’s regular insults, passive aggressiveness, and outright rudeness.

I had a little difficulty getting into this, and I think it had a lot to do with not seeing how Applejack and Pinkamena could get along in any way. This is more than just total opposites like AJ and Rarity. This is a complete personality break, with one being patient and kind and helpful with the other just being mean and abusive for no apparent reason. This alone made the overall story difficult to accept at face value.

Ultimately, I find myself on the middle ground. There’s nothing wrong with the story per se, it just doesn’t feel… “right”, for lack of a better word. I’m honestly not sure what Harmony Pie could have done to fix the problem. Maybe spend more time exploring Pinkamena as a character so we can understand her mean nature more fully? Still, it’s clear that a lot of people liked this one, so read it for yourself and formulate your own opinion.

Bookshelf: Worth It

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New Author!

Royal Review

5,491 Words
KnightMysterio failed to provide cover art.

Zesty Gourmand has decided to ‘fix’ the problem of Canterlot’s Restaurant Row. How? By inviting Celestia, Luna, and Blueblood to come sample the meals of every restaurant there, starting with the Tasty Treat. Surely their refined, noble taste buds will show that Zesty’s idea of fine eating is the best. Upon learning of this, Rarity decides to sit in and watch the fireworks. Who wouldn’t?

I have mixed feelings on this one. It is, for all intents and purposes, a hit piece on Zesty and all those like her, while also serving as a soap box for KnightMysterio to shout their opinions in regards to cuisine and critics. The fact that I agree with the author’s overall assertions does not ease the way the author used the story. As a story, it is neither original nor well developed. The author spends a lot of time with the three royals praising the food they are given, which likely could have been reduced significantly and received a similar overall effect. The conclusion is foregone by the time the description has been read and events transpire almost universally as expected.


There are certain things that greatly appeal to me. One is the descriptions of assorted Equestrian foods. Equestrian cuisine has always been an interesting subject for me, and I like to see authors explore how creatures with entirely different nutritional requirements from ourselves prepare their food. This story has that going for it. My one complaint here is that the last restaurant the royals visited to receive a full descriptive experience was a bakery, which was rather uninteresting. The author had so many options for Equestrian culture cuisine experiences to explore and describe, and they chose a bakery. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love baked goods, breads in particular, but it’s nowhere near as interesting as exploring, say, Quilinese cuisine, or maybe Crystal Empire, or Yakyakistani, and so on. There is far too much potential here to settle for a bakery.

There is also Prince Blueblood who, for once, is 100% on Rarity’s side from the very beginning of this story. KnightMysterio depicts Blueblood as a proper Canterlotian gentlecolt, one who only reacted poorly to Rarity upon their first meeting because he thought she was a golddigger. Seeing him as something other than a buffoon is often nice when handled properly, and I think this story did a decent job of it.

But these elements don’t take away from the fact that this is nothing more than an attack on Zesty and those like her. I’m sure this will appeal to those who are eager to see her get more than she got in canon, and I suppose that’s fine. But as a story, I’m afraid I must cut it down a notch. There’s nothing in the way of conflict or drama or even a climax. I’d go so far as to call it spiteful, even with Rarity’s final decision thrown in there.

All of that said, don’t let any of it stop you from jumping in and enjoying it, should you feel inclined. Stories of this sort absolutely have their appeal, and I won’t begrudge anyone for taking part.

Bookshelf: Worth It

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New Author!

Things are wrong in Ponyville today. There’s nopony around. Earthquakes keep happening. The sun hasn’t set and has gotten startlingly big. Twilight is hungry, thirsty, but more than anything, she is annoyed.

We all know immortality sucks. We’ve had that hammered into our heads time and time again by a bajillion authors hoping they can do it with a bit more originality. This author manages to somewhat pull that off.

The story is told from Twilight’s perspective, but that perspective is warped and ruined by millions, maybe even billions of years of total isolation. There’s no straightforward methodology here; Twilight’s thoughts come in random bursts, shifting wildly between memories and reality as her crumbled mind tries to cope. As the story moves along, we gradually come to understand, at least in a vague sense, why the world is as it is and who is responsible.

The story is impressively atmospheric and, despite the seemingly random manner of the narrative, is easy to get through. It is, all told, a giant tragedy. It may also be a subtle criticism of at least one episode of the show, for while the events of said episode aren’t mentioned the solution to the given problem is the same and fails spectacularly this time. Regardless, the fact that there’s a reason behind Twilight’ situation—that things didn’t have to be this way—makes this all the more tragic.

An experimental, dark piece that will be like candy for the sadficionados out there. The rest of you should read it if you’re curious about quirky ways to tell a story.

Bookshelf: Pretty Good

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In this almost wholly unexpected piece, Twilight is, er, ‘enjoying’ a night of looking at old family photos with her parents and brother. As they take ever-changing sides in the ongoing teasing war, an offhoof mention brings Twilight’s attention to something horrifying: all her foalhood pictures show her, or are in the process of showing her, as an alicorn. But she was born a unicorn, even if her family doesn’t recall it as such.

This is one of those stories that appears to exist for the sole purpose of “I have a theory, here it is, story over.” I am usually quite opposed to those, not on principal, but on the fact that nobody ever writes them as… well, as a “story”. So I am very satisfied when I see QueenMoriarty make an attempt to create a story out of the sub-genre. The purpose of the story is still plain to see, but at least this one doesn’t end with no closure at all.

What is this theory? That fate is a conscious entity, or perhaps entities, that works to make sure reality is preserved despite every attempt by those living within its control to make it not so. I won’t get into the details of this, as the author does a pretty decent job with the explanation and it’s really something you should explore for yourself. To put it simply, the universe itself had to make a choice.

QueenMoriarty describes this scenario in a very curious manner, particularly in the regard of identifying fate. It’s nebulous, and yet holds just enough clarity to put ideas into the readers head. Is “fate” some unknowable, ethereal god? Is “fate” an unimaginably advanced alien species using alternate dimensions for some purpose beyond our comprehension? It’s all a curious affair, and one that may get you to thinking. Which, of course, is a good thing.

A neat story with untold implications. Definitely worth the read. Not bad, QueenMoriarty. Not bad at all.

Bookshelf: Pretty Good

Post-post Edit: Apparently I have been blocked from posting on this story’s page to inform the author of this review. I have no idea why, as comments in general have not been disabled and I don’t recall having any business with this author in the past. I only hope I didn’t offend in some way without realizing it.

Previous stories reviewed for this author:
New Author!

Line Up!

2,258 Words
By Maddiepink5

Every day, Big Mac ends his day by dealing with a long line of suitors. No, literally. There really is a line of them. But Big Mac only has eyes for one mare in all of Equestria. A mare who never is and never will be in that line, no matter how much he hopes otherwise.

I expected something silly, and silly is what I got. Numerous mares show up and we get to watch as Big Mac looks for ways to reject all of them. Well, not quite all. To me, the best part in all of this is seeing how Big Mac analyzes each mare to determine their moods, their habits, and most importantly, their dangers. For example, trying to determine if Derpy’s roving eye is going to naughty places on purpose. My personal favorite is Fluttershy, who Big Mac is certain is the most wicked, most deceptive, and most dangerous mare of all. I also appreciate how the author makes sure to insinuate Big Mac’s attraction for one particular mare only for it to be a red herring. Granted, I realized pretty quickly that was the case, but only because I also pretty quickly grasped the nature of the story.

I am entertained. I’ve said it before: the Big Mac Gets All The Mares trope is a favorite of mine. A sort of guilty pleasure. Thus, one might consider me a little biased in this story’s favor. If you’re interested in some nonsensical humor at Big Mac’s expense, this may do it for you.

Bookshelf: Pretty Good

Previous stories reviewed for this author:
New Author!

This is exactly what it says on the tin. After Applejack leaves for work, Rarity gets thoroughly plastered at a bar and starts having a conversation with an apple AJ left behind. She gradually gets more and more hammered as the story goes on.

This one lives up to its tags. If you’re hoping for some romantic or dark confessions, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re hoping to see Rarity being stupid-drunk for no reason, then you’re in luck. I for one thoroughly enjoyed myself.

There’s not much else to say. This is a silly story that exists for silly reasons. As long as you’re into that, jump in and have fun.

Bookshelf: Worth It

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New Author!

Clover Honey

3,304 Words
By AugieDog

Twilight is having a delightful time with Celestia, Luna, and Starswirl, listening to the latter tell stories of his adventures. But then Twilight offers the elderly wizard some honey, and he reacts… strangely. Soon she’ll learn that Starswirl has some serious regrets, particularly in regards to his own former apprentice: Clover the Clever.

This one didn’t go at all where I expected. It ends up being about Starswirl’s relationship with Clover the Clever and, when you think about it, why he ended up hanging out with the Pillars of Equestria rather than with the Founders of Equestria. The best part about all of this, aside from how smoothly it flows into existing canon, is that AugieDog manages to pull it off without falling into the trap of exposition.

A Starswirl who perfectly pulls of the “quirky, cranky old wizard” bit, plenty of amusing back-and-forth banter between him, Celestia, and Luna, and a solid history lesson to boot? I have nothing to complain about. Yet another good piece by AugieDog.

Bookshelf: Pretty Good!

Previous stories reviewed for this author:
ForeignerPretty Good
The Birth of HarmonyNeeds Work

One Last Time

9,991 Words (Partial Reading)
By Jhoira
Requested by Jhoira

Jhoira requested I read through this one, but alas, was unable to finish it before the time came to schedule it. As such, this reading only consists of the first four chapters. Jhoira was actually a little further than that when the time came to schedule this, but if I went any further it would fall on my Medium-Length stories list and then it would have taken even longer to get to it.

In this story, it is discovered that the destruction of the Tree of Harmony means the Mane 6 are dying. Twilight, Sunburst and Starlight were able to figure out the timing to know exactly when they’d die. Now, forty years later, the time has come. The girls decide to spend their last day together at the castle, just hanging out.

This one has an interesting premise that could be used to great effect, but problems quickly arise. The most obvious is that Jhoira blazes through the content like a rocket sled. The writing has no sense of atmosphere, instead focusing on telling us (emphasis on “telling”) exactly what’s going on and why. Heck, the story opens up with a bunch of frustrating exposition, giving us the lowdown of the situation in a manner that could only get more boring by being a Wikipedia entry.

Jhoira, slow down. You don’t need to tell us all these details. It is the technical writer’s job to assume the readers are idiots, but it’s the creative writer’s job to make smarter readers by not spoon-feeding them every tiny piece of information. A good example is when Fluttershy goes to comfort Applejack in the second chapter. There’s no need to go off on a tangent about why Fluttershy is closer to Rainbow and AJ than the others. If the reader has been paying any attention at all, they already know. Nor do you have to tell us that Rainbow Dash can’t have foals, at least not in that direct, dull manner. Use dialogue, provide hints, but don’t just tell us.

Then there are the sentences, which are structured in long, complicated ways to provide as much information as possible. You’re trying to do too much too quickly. The sentences don’t flow, they get hard to read at times, and they kill whatever attempts at atmosphere you’re going for. Pace yourself. Let feelings linger. Give the reader time to comprehend the moment and the mood. Learn to transition.

Transition. That was another issue. Applejack is totally miserable and sobbing in one second, and in the next she’s playing around with her pancakes? Yeah, no. You don’t walk away from a bad argument and a heart wrenching confession with a grin, you ease out of it. Now, maybe that’s what you intended, but you didn’t write it that way.

Then there’s the perspective. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this is entirely subjective, but the perspective constantly jumps from character to character to character. We’re seeing things as Rarity, no Applejack, no Rarity again, no Fluttershy, no Rainbow Dash, no Applejack again, no Twilight! How is the reader supposed to focus on any one character’s mood when you can’t seem to do so yourself? Limit your perspective. We don’t need to see into every character’s head for every given action that happens. Focus on who is important at the given moment. This will keep the readers grounded, and will also serve as good practice for revealing information in more nuanced and interesting ways.

Oh, and where’s Spike? This one’s not a criticism, as everyone tends to forget the poor guy, but I am very curious considering everyone else, big or small, gets some kind of mention.

There’s also the canon confusion going on. Wait, this story is set after the destruction of the Tree of Harmony, i.e. Season 9? So why is it Sweetie Belle somehow died without ever getting a cutie mark? Why is there no mention of Fluttershy having a brother when she starts listing loved ones? Why are we claiming the Tree of Harmony has no intelligence when we’ve seen direct proof otherwise in Season 8? What strange knockoff version of the show have you been watching, Jhoira?

It would be different if the story was set in a world prior to all these canon elements of the show, but it’s directly stated: the Mane Six are dying because the Tree of Harmony was destroyed. That can only mean one thing: that this is set after Season 9. And by extension, that means all the other things are supposed to be canon too. If Jhoira just didn’t like those aspects of the show and decided to de-canon them for this story, that would be fine, but we need confirmation of this in the story’s description or, at the very least, an AU tag.

As is so often the case, Jhoira’s got some good ideas here but is struggling with the delivery. I can’t rate the story officially because it is incomplete, but if I did it would fall squarely in my “Needs Work” bookshelf. Jhoira could use an editor and maybe a pre-reader or two. The concepts at play here are enough to make this an excellent sadfic or a bittersweet tribute to our favorite mares. The author just needs to polish their writing to make it work.

I will, of course, be putting this in my Incompletes list so that I can finish it later. We shall see if there are any improvements between now and then.

Previous stories reviewed for this author:
New Author!


25,197 Words
By Rambling Writer
Sequel to Rigid

A few weeks after Rainbow Dash broke free of one of Sombra’s mind controlling masks and alerted the Equestrian army of his intended ambush, the war is all but over. Apparently, Sombra never expected his sneak attack scheme could fail and thus made no backup plans. Yet as the army moves in on the Crystal Castle itself, the desperate tyrant proves he’s not exhausted all the aces up his sleeve…

This is a story about revenge and, in the end, looking to a brighter future. It stars Rainbow as she first helps save some towns, watches an atrocity in action, then goes on a near-solo mission to finish Sombra and his generals off personally, regardless of how stupid that idea is. Thank Celestia Pinkie’s too stubborn to let Dash go alone.

No, I mean that. As awesome as Rainbow was in the previous story, Pinkie is more so in this one. Her every moment is pitch-perfect.

This story is at times tragic, at others violent, and sometimes contemplative. On the surface, it’s just another ‘small group of characters enter well-guarded fortress for revenge’ story. But the author works very well with what the premise gives them. This is a solid story for the adventure-seekers out there, will appeal to anyone looking for Crystal War Timeline stories, and a must-read for Pinkie and Rainbow Dash fans, especially the former. Just bear in mind that nopony’s getting out of this completely intact.

Bookshelf: Pretty Good!

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Comments ( 21 )

I've read two of these.

"Clover Honey" was indeed an enjoyable story, and you definitely need to read more AugieDog if you only have two other reviews of him. Well, that depends. I didn't go look up how many Baal Bunny stories you've reviewed, so you may yet have him well covered.

I had a similar reaction to "The One that Stayed Behind" as you, but I was able to figure out a little more solidly what bothered me about it. First, I'll say Harmony Pie was only about 15 when she wrote this, and I found it pretty impressive that someone of that age was writing this well. As we all do, she hit a hurdle in her writing that was going to stick with her until somebody explained to her why it was limiting her and what to do about it. I personally edited one of her later stories, and I was hoping to see the fruits of that, but she stopped writing ponyfic soon after. I hope she's found a writing community somewhere else, because she showed a lot of promise.

Anyway, this was one of her early stories, so it suffered from the same problems a lot of her stories did at the time: unsteady perspective, some specific editing issues, and being very telly with emotional context. It also overwrote Applejack's accent.

The big thing for me, though, is that Pinkamena's change of heart was so sudden. She only begins to grasp what Applejack's telling her, then next thing we know, she's a new person. The cathartic moment happened entirely off camera, and that's where the story's strength should have been. There are times skipping to the aftermath can be a powerful method, but when that end state isn't something dramatic in itself, then it just ends up feeling underwhelming. Plus when it takes what should have been a struggle for Pinkamena and resolves it across a time skip, it makes the change feel like it was pretty effortless and not a big deal.

OOF. That sounds like an expensive car problem. Good luck on getting that fixed. What were you driving? it sounds like the oil pan fell off.

Thanks for:

The kind words. Of course, two months after I wrote "Clover Honey," the Forgotten Friendship special came out where they refer to Clover the Clever as "he," so I felt obliged to stick the "AU" tag on the story here. Of course, one could always go the Tiresias route with Clover, I suppose, and have some sort of transformation spell be involved... :scootangel:


I am... was driving a MINI Countryman. And it wasn’t the oil pan, oh no. I need a new engine, as the current one apparently has a piston-sized hole in it. Or a new car, if the insurance adjuster decides a 80k-mile vehicle isn’t worth salvaging.

RE: Your car

Hope you get it taken care of without too much trouble. Losing transport is rough.

How? Why? I... what? I would be very interested to know what in the actual hell happened to your car, I don't even understand how... W A T.
There is no way in hell that isn't a manufacturer issue. Like, I'd understand if it was something like an RX8 and needed the seals replaced at about that many miles, but a mini is just... a normal car. I don't understand

I am a fan of "Brittle" as I liked not just the story but Dash and Pinkie in particular. I also really like how they interact and I wish you could get to see how things go after the story ended. Not needed but I wanted it anyway.

I got caught in some floodwaters last weekend and apparently some of that water got into the engine. Mechanic thinks that’s where the problem started.

Funny thing is, I had an appointment to go in tomorrow and have them assess the vehicle for water damage. If I’d scheduled it just two days earlier...

:rainbowhuh: Dude, what are cars made out of these days? I used to live in Lubbock, and that place has the drainage system of a ceramic plate. I drove through hip deep water a few times, and my car is still kicking. Course, it's a crappy v6 mustang that's as old as I am, but if that can survive water, how does something new like a mini get destroyed by it? Ugh. Motorcycles forever, screw this car nonsense.

Serious doubts that they replace the engine. the engine for my car was something like 5K, and I own one of the most common cars in the US. It's probably be cheaper to get something new, considering that a new engine for that would have to be imported into the country.

Hehe, I write odd and like story over description, that is just my style.

Though reading your review I might have to go back and look at things because in my head I didn't say some of these things. When watching the show I didn't take the tree and the map as the same being but I might need to go have another look. And for Sweetie Belle I more meant that was back when she didn't have her cutie mark, I didn't mean for it to imply she died without getting her cutie mark. I'm currently reworking one of my shorter stories with a less "me just writing to write" style to see how much people like that so we'll see about how that goes then I'll see if I'm just gonna finish this one in my own strange style or maybe go back and rework it with a more normal writing style.

Modern engines are built to much tighter tolerances to increase efficiency, and modern cars have had their air intakes down near the ground since the early 2000s for pressure and space reasons, so they will ingest water from a toe-deep puddle and then throw a piston because the piston ring has adrop of water and a grain of sand I'm it. That's the price of extracting another 40 hp and another 20 mpg from a low-capacity straight six or v4.

Author Interviewer

QueenMoriarty's story was based off a prompt I came up with. :D I was likewise pleased with it.

I like what you did here, very interesting and helpful blog, thanks!
P.S. I am a new follower, soo I've never seen this.

I have indeed read some Baal Bunny works, including such gems as Collaborators, Doing Well By Doing Good, and Grouchisaurus Rex. I always looked forward to the next work by this author, regardless of the account.

Only 15? Dang, that is impressive. But I think you're right; the turnaround time on Pinkamena was just unrealistic. Maybe that's what was bothering me the whole time.

I was surprised to hear Clover was a "he", too. I suppose the name works both ways, but still, when the entire fandom (that I am aware of) treat Clover as female, and you know the show creators had to know it, what would possess them to break from that? Then again, as a writer I suppose I can see the appeal. Regardless of canon not knowing what it's doing (:trollestia:), I imagine most fanfiction writers will continue making Clover female.

That was hilarious. I can't imagine how they can do that with a straight face the whole time. Skills, bro.

That's the problem with good stories, there's always more to see. If the writer is good enough, then they made sure of it. And yet they can't always explore all those plot bunnies...

You can have your deathtrap, I'll stick to my five-star safety rating, thank you very much.

Eh, the car was a good one. Mark that, it was great. I am so very disappointed, but I agree that there's a strong chance I'll have to get a different one. And if I do, it'll be something cheap so that I'm not put in a financial bind over it. Only reason I haven't started looking around at potentials yet is that I don't know what the insurance company is going to give me for her.

Whelp, I wish you look. My only bit of advice right now is 1) be careful with ow you say things, because people will interpret you in ways you never imagined, and 2) remember that story is only so good as the description allows it to be.

In that case, welcome to the show! Every Thursday like clockwork since 2015 (excuse me while I preen).

Deathtrap? No no no, THIS is a deathtrap. You can double terminal velocity on one of these babies, and when the day comes that getting one isn't more than half my salary, I will do as such. What I drive has little potential to kill me on the spot like I'd like it to, since it maxes out at 100mph for top speed. 'sides, I've got enough gear to survive a crash. Bikes have a better chance at avoiding a crash so long as I'm not doing something stupid.

If you really wanted a 'safe' car, you will never lose a battle with an old Ford bronco. Steel body flying brick is not going to bend against an aluminum framed anything. Cars are only as safe as you are, tbh.

I would make one significant correction: your vehicle is only as safe as other drivers are. And since we all know other drivers don't know how to drive in the first place, I'd much rather take that strike in a car than a motorcycle.


The only "Clover's a stallion" story I can think of is horizon's spectacular "Time Enough for Love." Is that on one of your lists? 'Cause that should be on one of your lists. :eeyup:


I have nothing by horizon on my lists right now on account of my new system of limiting what goes on them, purely for the sake of cutting the list down to something manageable. Every week I add a story to my "Known Author" list, which itself is derived from a list of authors I want to read more works by. horizon is on that list, but he's #76 right now.

In summary, unless someone specifically requests it, I won't be getting to anything horizon writes at all for a very, very long time.

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