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A Fundraiser for Holy · 4:51pm Sep 25th, 2019

My friend Milk and I have started a fundraiser for Holy.

For anyone who isn't aware of the situation, Holy posted a suicide note last night. Fortunately, the wonderful community here came through, and we were able to get Holy the help he needed. However, Holy is now in the hospital, so we've created this fundraiser in hopes of getting him and his family some financial security moving forward when it comes to paying off those medical bills.

We'll be taking care to keep all transactions monitored, post receipts of any transfers for accountability, and will also be keeping receipts of those who donated in the event that you need your money back.

If you're at all interested in either donating to or sharing this fundraiser, it's located below and can be accessed by clicking on that adorable picture of Sunset Shimmer.

Thank you all. So much.

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Comments ( 35 )

I can’t donate but I’ll spread the word about.

I'll boost this.

5127783 5127799

All forms of help are much appreciated. I know Holy's family would be happy just to see people spreading it around, and hopefully he is too.

I'll boost when I can and donate what I can when I get the chance.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with this

I’ll be able to donate when I get paid. Hope Holy is recovering alright.

I can't donate but I've put up a blog post about it.
Hope Holy's doing alright. My prayers are with him.

Gave a small amount. It's not much, but suicide is no joke. My girlfriend talked about it once... unironically... I've never been more terrified in my life.

Why is Holy in a hospital? Did he get physically hurt?

For possible suicide attempts, you're typically taken to the hospital for a vitals check. I do have some additional info regarding reasoning for it, but suffice it to say that won't be made public unless Holy himself comes out and says it.

I will say he is physically fine though, as far as I have heard.

First off, I'm glad that Holy's fine. Second, Holy's a boy? Wow, the username was misleading.

He's there for evaluation and to keep an eye on him. It's fairly standard procedure in the US for suicidal people, even if they haven't followed through with any attempt.

5127833 5127835 Thanks for the info. I'll be able to put my mind at ease easier now that I know there at least wasn't any physical trauma involved.

Your Welcome, thank the Lord he didn't kill himself.

I'll boost, and see what I can do about donating.

I'll be sure to give a small donation.

Thank you for letting us know about the campin.:twilightsmile:

Let's see if my 10$ will help.

We're not actually sure on that. There are complications and I've seen "he" and "she" used pretty equally. However, due to the circumstances we can't just ask Holy their preferred pronouns.

Try to stick to them/they/their until they come back to the site and tell us.

Edit: I've been corrected. Boy indeed.

Holy is a boy. A friend of his has confirmed this.

i hope he will be ok had me worry x.x

I assumed Holy was a girl too! Then I noticed everyone said 'he' and I thought 'shit.'

What a relief. I’m glad that Holy’s okay.

I honestly thought Holy was a girl but me and HUMMER are glad he's okay.

Dropped the last of my funds for the month, not much I'm sorry.

Holy is one of the best writers on this site, among many many many others. I hope he gets better soon. His works kick-started my own project.

Here's to you Holy. Come back to us soon.

Jesus, I couldn't stop the tears... I'm so glad Holy will be okay. I'll donate what I can as soon as I'm able.

Oh thank the gods above, Holy is alive.

Wish I had the cash to spair

I would absolutely love to donate money for him as I too have had suicidal thoughts but I do not have a credit card and am unable to donate money 😣😣
But I am so glad that he is okay. I teared up when I read his post, I wish I could be there to give him a big hug,😢

Donated some money.
Not much, but hope it helps.

Can’t donate becasue of where I live... 🤦🏻‍♂️

I just read the note Holy wrote on the fundraiser page - the part where he was allowed his phone back for a while and said that he never expected anyone would miss him, and that he didn't think he would be worth this much.

I can't give that much right now, but I think it's the act of giving just something which sends the message that you are worth the life you have been given Holy, in case you read this.

This makes me so happy. Great job y’all.

Thank god they got to him I time, I'm so relived.

Dang, wish I found out about this sooner. I so relived to hear that he's ok though. Sorry I couldn't contribute :(

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