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    Here We Go Again

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Here We Go Again · 3:49am Sep 25th, 2019

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done this before, and at this point, I’m too exhausted to go find out. I make a story, I say I’m going to put more time into making more stuff, something in my life happens for better or for worse, and I go another several months before suddenly making another story again. You’re tired of it, I’m tired of it, I’m kind of surprised anyone still follows me at this point seeing how inactive I tend to be most of the time.

And my online presence has been pretty much nonexistent since the great Tumblr purge of Whenever 2018. The thing is, not only do I get tired from dealing with IRL social activities, but even online sociability as well. Even when Tumblr was still active, working at my part time job and trying to get writing stuff done was taking its toll on me, so at the end of each day I just didn’t have the energy to go through it. I preferred to stay on Discord interacting with the handful of servers and contacts I had, or just spending time on the PS4 because I was too drained to do anything else. That’s why I tend to “disappear” for such a long time, because I lack the motivation to really put myself out there if I’m not actively publishing anything. So you can only imagine how much worse that problem got once I’d acquired full-time employment.

One possible alternative that I could do, something I’ve done in the past, is keep regular updates on story progress and other things, just to give people an idea of how long they’ll need to wait for whatever I’ve got cooking. But the fear I have with that is the very real possibility that it might take forever to finish and people will get tired of me constantly saying “wait just a little longer”, OR that it might end up not happening at all, that it’ll get canceled. And that’s happened more times than I care to admit, both with people I was going to work with having some kind of conflict arise or just losing interest, or my own personal interest in my own stuff waning before I just give up completely after enough time has passed. I know the responsible thing to do would be to own up to what I can and can’t deliver on, but the fear of letting people down is so crippling to me that I instinctively just say nothing at all, thinking that I’ll just let what I do publish speak for itself whenever it gets published.

And yeah, part of the problem is my own work pace, I know. I’ve mentioned in the past that I feel I take more time with my stories than a lot of “popular” fanfic writers do – I value creating things I’m proud of more than I value getting something out quickly and making it “good enough” to keep readers who are easy to impress entertained. Much as it’s hard to please me with other people’s writing works, it’s even harder to please myself. I have to write out the first draft of the story while marking down things I’ll need to come back and fix later, fix those things when I’ve reached the end, read the ENTIRE story from beginning to end to find MORE mistakes to fix, fix those mistakes, then find one or a few readers to look through it and see if they find yet more issues that need fixing. Even if I had all the time in the world without having to worry about keeping a roof over my head, I’d still wager that an average story of mine would take at least an entire month to publish for everyone to read. Factor in things like working (or trying to find work) and using all that time and energy filling the demands of corporate execs who don’t give a rats ass about their employees, then yeah, it’s going to take a lot longer than that just to get a single story out, if I can even get it out at all.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned from my past year of employment, it’s that the majority of the world (or my part of the world at least) doesn’t care about the quality of something being at it’s very best. What it cares about is getting something out quickly, filling out those quotas and meeting public demand as fast as possible. Corners are cut, imperfections are covered up rather than fixed, excuses are made and blame is placed all around, but apparently the most important thing is getting things done as fast as possible. I’m extremely worried that kind of mentality carries over into fan content stuff, where fans are less concerned with the quality of something and more concerned about getting more of the thing they like right now rather than later. So even if I spend months crafting a story about two characters having to face the hatreds of society for something they believe in, it’s probably not going to get as much attention as, I don’t know, a story about X Character From New Show Doing The Ricardo Milos Dance (nobody explain that to me, I don’t care what it is). In recent months, I’ve wondered if it’s worth the effort anymore, spending so much time and energy into what I love only for it to fall flat on its face to things that were crapped out overnight by other people on a whim, especially when I’m struggling to keep up with the payments just to keep myself living independently.

Despite my pessimism on the matter, I am fortunate enough to have a number of friends who have been supportive of me and what I love doing. A few of them are artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with, while others are appreciative fans. They’ve encouraged myself and readers in general more of a chance to show that it’s not all just quick production and trendy click-bait. They believe that like them, there are readers who yearn for authors who take their work seriously and are willing to support them no matter what they’re going through and how much time it takes to get that story of theirs out. So, with their support being what little I have left to keep myself afloat anymore, I’m going to do something that I’ve had to do so many times before and still pains me to do. I’m going to apologize for my hiatus, and pray that another one doesn’t happen again. I need to take this more seriously and put my head back in the game without any intention of taking it out again.

I’m gonna have a bigger announcement come tomorrow sometime, just about future plans and stuff, so keep a lookout. If you’re among the new people who I’ve noticed have discovered my works recently, welcome – I hope I can give you more of the content you’re only now discovering. For those of you who’ve (for whatever reason) still followed since the beginning up until this point, thank you so much for not giving up on me – let’s hope I stick around a little longer this time.

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Been a quiet follower for a while. If it takes time for quality content take the time you need. I'm all for quality over quantity

Yer stuck with me till you leave for good, until then take all the time you need

Quality over quantity has always been a way of life for me. Take as much time as you need.

I will always wait for you take all time you need.

Keep as well as you can.

Do as well as you can.

But try do enjoy it all, y'know? At least, to the best that you can.
~ Yr. Pal, B

Long lasting impression vs short term impression for me means alot. I like your work and value your effort. Stay surviving but have fun and enjoy what you love. Thank you for being you. *hugs* good luck with full time employment too.

I’m kind of surprised anyone still follows me at this point

And yet, here we be.

Honestly I thought you quit this place and went to do full time Zootopia stories.

I don't mind waiting longer for higher quality.

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