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They do seem to be in a hurry. · 3:46pm Sep 23rd, 2019

If you haven't seen the last episode of MLP, be warned that there are spoilers.

I finally got the chance to watch the latest official release of season 9 and although entertaining, I can't help but feel like the show was in a little bit of a hurry to resolve things with minor characters. Having two noteworthy villains reformed in the same episode, felt a bit rushed. Not sure why they felt the need to even reform these villains, they certainly didn't even bother with King Sombra, allowed him to have his grand return and leave with quite a blast, completely unrepentant, which I'm kind of glad they did, not all villains need to be reformed.

I have to admit that felt that way about Caballeron, who I have been using in my series as one of the reason why Barricade was the way he was before he himself started to reform after having huge reality check shoved down his throat by King Sombra. I mean last time we saw Caballeron in the show he actually managed to almost kill Rainbow Dash if Pinkie Pie and Daring Do hadn't got to her in time, when a villain is that ready to almost murder someone, I don't think just being kind to him this one time will be enough to turn them around. But that's just me and I must concede the fact that this is a kids show and speedy resolutions are often the norm and so are heel-face-turns.

I was actually much more a fan of Ahuizotl being reformed since when thinking about it, he did fit the criteria of being a pissed of guardian beast whose just gotten sick and tired of these archaeologist constantly coming around and stealing the things he is supposed to be guarding. To me at least his turn around made much more sense than Caballeron. How many conflicts have started in adventure stories because the heroes accidentally woke up the guardian of the treasure and yes said guardian is more than willing to kill you when you steal the things he's supposed to be guarding. No wonder Ahuizotl was always so angry and willing to go to the extremes to keep them out and lashing out even past his borders. Ahuizotl being revealed to be the actual guardian of the basin, made a lot of things in his behavior make much more sense for me.

Oh well, this mostly though a minor issue for me, the episode was entertaining and I think it was an okay end to the whole Daring Do storyline, could have been better, but I've seen worse.

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Comments ( 2 )

What about that one episode where Ahuizotl tried to use some magic rings to "unleash eight hundred years of unrelenting, sweltering heat"? What's his deal with that?

That's what I meant when I said lashing out, when I thought about it, it seemed like a last ditch crazy effort to keep those ponies constantly stealing stuff from the basin out. Keep in mind, we never hear why he wants to do it and when we have little information about him, it does seem a bit crazy, but once the episode revealed he was a treasure guardian, I just went "ooooh, now things make sense," seriously, in a lot of adventure novels and even movies and serials, the guardians of a treasure cause just about the same property damage to the areas they are supposed to be protecting as the heroes.

He's being aided by ponies who are clearly supposed to be native to that region, now why would they agree with such a crazy plan except if they too want to keep these thieving archaeologists out and away from their cultural heritage they keep stealing.

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