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All Good Things... · 5:23pm Sep 17th, 2019

Friendship is Magic has long found a special place in my heart though it shames me to say that when it first aired, I was among the neigh-sayers who thought "It's for girls, it's a fad, it'll pass". The first two were wrong and I so wish that the third wasn't soon to be right.

As of late, I've stopped watching Season 9, partly because it's just so bitter to accept that the show is almost over. I saw spoilers regarding the end, a certain spoiler of which outrages me (I won't say what... yet). But among my biggest concerns right now... is our future as bronies and the future of this website.

Fimfiction.net has been a constant in my life for nearly ten years, I've read so many wonderful and amazing stories, spoken with various writers, learned a few lessons about myself, and I feel that I'm a better person for it. My concern- No, my fear is that once the show is over, this site and those who belong to it will drift away and something I care so very much about will be gone forever.

I've written on this site for a long time now, and my story isn't complete. Though I never really thought about ending it, especially after all the plans and brainstorming and inspiration and effort I've put into it. I said so on another blog that I plan to write this story for a long time to come and even added that I would do so should the unthinkable happen. I just never really thought that the unthinkable would happen.

That's not to say that I will stop. No, I'll write and write and write, even if they shut this site down (which I pray they don't) and hope to read so many more stories that began with but a spark of inspiration.

I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I wish so deeply that it wouldn't end. It deserves to go on for as long as we bronies would have it. There are plenty of things regarding the show I wish they would have answered, like... How did cutie-marks come to be? Where did so many characters, like Celestia, Luna, Spike, and Discord (to name a few) come from? What other wonders and adventures and lessons could we have explored and experienced alongside the Mane Six?

I feel there is yet more potential the show could have had that will remain unrealized though, as much as I hate to say it, perhaps the next generation will do that, assuming it is made as a continuation of Friendship is Magic. If not? Well, then FiM will always be the one true MLP from my point of view.

So I say this to all of you, my fellow bronies, readers, and writers...

Hold onto the memories we've made throughout this near-decade long journey, the lessons we've learned, the feelings we've felt. I know I will. I encourage you all, my fellow readers and writers of FIMfiction as I will to share your stories that the show sparked into your imagination because I continue to write my story, no matter what comes and for as long as I treasure FiM and the joy and wonder it blessed unto me.

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Comments ( 5 )

This is very touching to hear. I really hope that the many MLP sites aren't shutdown once the show is over. I have a lot of stories that I read here.

Same here....I really liked MLP but my siblings laugh at me for loving a 'girly show'. I enjoy the characters, even came up with stories for the ponies you said like Discord or the princesses, and even want to explore of the mysterious wonder of Equestria, like how it came to be...I want to keep going on with my MLP story...because it's where it helped me gain the most chapters and I love my characters...I want it to keep going...for all our sake...and even if the next gen comes out, I'll write a story about mine but hopefully totally new...I don't know, but the future will tell us...I'm really glad to have read your story man...you were one of my inspirations to write a story here on FimFiction.Net.

Thank you all

I used to think that the show was for kids but one day visiting my mom's friends I was mighty tired and one of the kids were watching the show, needless to say I couldn't couldn't sleep so I watched with the kid and thought 'Wow this is actually good'

It's sad the show is ending and there are still a lot of mysteries in that world but the point is MLP is gonna stay in our hearts.

As for this site I hope they leave it be and let us continue because this is basically keeping us connected to MLP universe and people want to make great reading entertainment on this site which makes others happy plus speak to other in helping them or have stuff to tall about.

Like all good stories and children series, all good things must come to a close.
Wolven, I'm looking forward for those new chapters you have wonderfully crafted and created since the beginning.

Just because the show is over doesn’t mean the fandom is shore there be people that will come and go but people will remember it and the fandom I now for a fact some fans will stick around and I hope you will to cas I am and plane to be around for a long time to come

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