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Primal Trailer Review · 3:47pm Sep 17th, 2019

Originally, I hadn't intended on making a trailer review on what I'm about to show you guys here, mainly because of the intensity that was held in it. However...

Today, after seeing this trailer so many times, I decided to make my 9th trailer review on one that promotes an upcoming TV Show called "Primal". An adult-oriented animated series that's set to air on Adult Swim at the beginning of October and is made by animation legend Genndy Tartakovsky, who is best known for creating "Samurai Jack".

According to what is known so far, the series is a dialogue-less adventure about a caveman "at the dawn of evolution" and a dinosaur "on the brink of extinction", who form an unlikely friendship. Bonded by tragedy, it may be the only hope of survival in the kill or be killed world they live in.

Before I tell you guys my thoughts about this trailer, take a look for yourselves first *Warning: Contains violence, maturity, intensity, and blood*:

So, wanna know what I think of it?

I think this series looks like something really interesting to see. Original even. And, in a time where the dinosaur genre itself seems on the brink of extinction, with only the "Jurassic..." series to hold it over, this seems like something that could very well breath life back into it.

I can't help but feel particularly interested in finding out how the two bonded and what it was that brought the caveman and Tyrannosaurus Rex together. The fact that the team decided to incorporate non-dinosaur creatures into the mix at the same time dinosaurs themselves are around, like Woolly Mammoths, also made things all-the-more interesting. Accurate even, because I never believed dinosaurs, man, and creatures like mammoths were ever separated by time. That they all lived together.

Plus, the hand-drawn animation that was shown here looks so spectacular, like a made-for-screen comic book combined with a made-for-cinema feel. The music it had was likewise melodiously ear-catching. I don't know who did it, but I'd be interested in finding out, because whoever composed was able to bring a certain emotional and theatrical feel to it.

My only real issue is that I can't help but feel unsure about seeing it myself, and if others would want to see it, because of the violence that was displayed. Especially at the 1:29 to 1:30 mark of the video.

In spite of this, though, I nevertheless can't help but find myself to be hooked by this with interest, and I'm pretty sure others are going to feel the same way.

What do you guys think?

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Comments ( 6 )

I am hooked. Tartakovsky and blood and original stories and beautiful animation and action? Sign me up. Me likey. Muy mucho. Or something.

I love the animation and creature designs, but the blood, gore, violence and scary moments are too gruesome.

Thanks for the feedback, you guys.

I am not a fan...simple as that...

The only acceptable excuse I could give on Primal is that the trailer didn't draw me in like it did many other dinosaur nuts...if anything, it did the exact opposite for me, it pushed me further away, which really didn't help that I already didn't like the bit about Cenozoic & Mesozoic creatures mingling around at the same time, (plus non-feathered dinosaurs, need I say more)...

Hmm, well... I'd heard of it, but not seen anything of it. I can be brief on my thoughts: I am intrigued because it is the brutal Tartakosky style from Sym-Bionic Titan mixed in with the silence and simplicity of Samurai Jack.

And I think that might be something to look into on your part, Undercover: Sym-Bionic Titan had a fair deal of that violence and blood, about the same level of detail to it, too. But at the same time, it managed to do what Steven Universe would later fail miserably at(present a form of fusion as a metaphor for relationships), it was thought-provoking in terms of what makes a man (spoiler alert: the robot gets a romantic interest before the princess and bodyguard become an official item) and it made people cry over a little blob creature. Myself included, almost, because I can still suck it in when I have to. Seriously, though, Tashy-497 was a brutal story. Heartwrenching, and that music :fluttershysad:

So, yeah, we know the creator can do violence and deep in a healthy mix, he's done it before. I'd recommend checking out Sym-Bionic Titan (if you haven't yet) and trying to ascertain if you can deal with the overall picture in that, and if we can reasonable assume Primal will have the same balance, you'll know whether you can stomach it.

Oh yeah, shame the show was cancelled IMS, it was pretty good

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