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  • Sunday
    Top 10 MLP (FIM) Characters I Barely Use In Fanfics

    If you still remember the blog I made nearly a month ago that I took down all of my future story ideas, you can tell that I'm still empty and depressed right now. Not because of writer's block but the fact I have to learn the truth about how the story can catch people's interest. And not only that, the 78 stories (Including the deleted ones) have me use the same characters from time to time. You

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  • 2 weeks
    My Possible Fanfic Ideas (But haven't decided yet)

    1. I usually wanted to do a story center around the Dazzlings after they lost in Rainbow Rocks. This was a story I though off when another girl joins the group in a slice of life setting in the Starswirl Festival. It's an OC called Zoe Star Pink.

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  • 2 weeks
    Rainbow Roadtrip’s 1 Year Anniversary

    Today was the day Rainbow Roadtrip premiered on Discovery Family last year. I really enjoyed and it was a great way to bring back the animation style from the movie. So to celebrate it’s anniversary, I made a fanfic reading on one of the stories I’ve come across. Suspiciously Similar by TheAncientPolitzanian.

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  • 2 weeks
    I'm Too Broken To Write

    It's been three days since I submitted my last story and as of now, I feel more broken to barely continue my newer projects. I still didn't make up my mind of what stories I should write because it's starting to fade away from my interest. I can't even write characters I haven't use yet. Sorry there's no progress going on at the moment but all of my scrap ideas didn't help me at all. As far as

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  • 3 weeks
    My Today's Story Just Makes Me More Empty

    Even since submitting it, I knew it wouldn't get much attention. I didn't even bother to add the story to many in the groups due to the less attention it got compare to the last story I submitted. At this point, I didn't start writing another story and yet I feel like making more videos. Today just isn't what I was waiting for and that is saying a lot.

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4 NEW STORIES IN THE FUTURE! · 6:04am Sep 16th, 2019

Baby Deer Care

On the way home Fluttershy encounters a baby dear stuck in the snow. She’s shocked that an animal who’s a baby is all alone in the winter. She, being the animal care lover, takes it home during the season.

The new year has come in Sunset’s World. Twelve new months, a lot of things can happen this year. Sunset’s first activity she wants to do with her friends is what she calls, a snowball warfare. Tons of her friends are invited and it wouldn’t be a new year’s celebration without the Princess Of Friendship. However Princess Twilight never been to a snowball fight before, which could give her enemies the advantage.

Fluttershy As Your Lovely Girlfriend

Fluttershy is without a doubt, one of the sweetest and beautiful girls in your collage. You’ve been helping her taking care of animals and show how much you like her. But you never hear her true feelings about you, she’s not only shy but also keeps her voice mute. When she offers you to come over to her cottage after your day at college, she finally expresses her feelings towards you.

When it comes to the holiday Hearths Warming, ponies from different lands always celebrate with a passion. But when it comes to Hope Hollow, they have their own way to show the love of the holiday. Mayor Sunny Skies loved this holiday next to the Rainbow Festival, he wants to spread cheer in the village. He throws a party for all of his guests inside his house while they express they’re feelings about Hearths Warming.

I’m still going to do my chapter stories right now. All of this is for a later time. FYI, I have zero plans for Halloween stories next month.

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Comments ( 2 )

Sounds good.

The Sunset one looks cool.

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