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Better Than Ever! · 3:49am Sep 16th, 2019

Ever know that feeling when you're about to be bucked?

I do!

For those who didn't know, which should be no one in particular.

I was having a really shitty time, my last few times here.

Not the community.

This place is great, a real home away from reality!

I'm talking about my shite life, I had lost someone dear to me a while back. So in order to keep myself from losing it, I went and tried to keep myself distracted with just anything really. Everyday a blur of emotional baggage and fears, needless to say I began to not really function all too well like this.

I was pushing those closest to me away, in hopes that doing this, I'd some how numb myself to the BS of the real world. But that's just not the way to handle things, I knew if I continued to lie to myself and try to close out my family. That one day I'd just lose it, so instead I collected my nerves and set forth into the world.

I won't bore you all with the little stuff, but know I'm in a far better place now.

Emotionally and spiritually.

So just in case I came off wonky, the last few times I was here.

I apologise, indeed I wasn't feeling myself.

That out of the way, I do plan on continuing my stuff.

Maybe now I'm feeling more myself, I can put a decent hoof forward.

FYI, if I'm hazy about you.

Cut me a break, I've been away for a pretty good penny.

But I love all youse.

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Comments ( 16 )

Well, welcome back. :twilightsmile:

Thank you.

How have you been? :raritywink:

Still here, just not invested at all in MLP anymore. I still post every so often, but most of my writing is original fiction now.

Excellent to hear that!

I'm investing time and effort into original fiction as well.

In the process of writing a book.

I know the feeling of fading interest of a subject.:raritycry:

But I'll still try and update my stuff, if I can.

Horse words sometimes feel like pulling teeth.

Glad you're still around though, even if it's on a limited edition basis.


Though, I'm far more active on Discord nowadays.

Ha, fair enough.

We'll just have to see, where I become most active on.

Link to my Discord server's just in my user bio if you wanna join and chat. :raritywink:

Good to know you’re in a better place. And, welcome back.

Sorry you had to go through all that, but I'm glad you're feeling better :twilightsmile:


Ty to both! :pinkiesmile:

I need to get stuff moving again, I feel as if I returned to an old car.

I just need to kick it a few times to get the gears rattling.

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