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    The Beauty and Fear in Everyday Moments

    "I sometimes wonder whether I need absolutes in my life." Ocellus fixed her everything on the horizon beyond the window, her chest a mere flutter of existence in the otherwise stillness of the room. "You know, like the—"

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    Haven't written anything even remotely romantic for a while now, and it's something I need to brush up on for... reasons. Anyway, the world needs more love and positivity.

    Might see if I can put together something short and (sugary) sweet on here, as it seems this place is pretty much home for most of my romantic output.

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    I'm out.

    I've never been massively involved in the fandom per se, but the show itself provided a world that I enjoyed being creative within, and this site gave that creativity a home. Over the past week or two, I've seen and read enough to know in my heart that I just can't enjoy being creative here anymore, and I'm done trying to convince myself otherwise.

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    First, warm and heartfelt thanks for the kind messages and comments. I didn't see/read them until I logged in today, but it means a lot to know that I was in your thoughts. *awkward blushing*

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New Story Landing Tonight! · 11:59am Sep 10th, 2019

Well, tonight me-time anyway. Your experience may vary depending on location and time zone. And the length of the moderation queue.

But it will land. At some point. :pinkiesmile:

I had a lot of fun writing this one, so I hope (if you choose to read it, that is) you enjoy it. It's stylistically a little different from Treasure, but there's still plenty of best dragon and best changeling content to be had.

Should you read it, I'd love to hear what you think of it (good and/or bad, I'm comfortable with any feedback).

Report paperhearts · 84 views · Story: Treasure · #Writing #Smolder #Ocellus
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And it turns out, you qualify for auto-approval after just one story being posted now. Who knew?

That kinda means that said story will be landing IMMINENTLY!

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