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Chaos and Harmony · 1:25am Sep 8th, 2019

Alright, this is out of place but don't worry about that I just wanted to say this and have someone see it.

Harmony does not include chaos. Despite what people will tell you, chaos is a lack of balance, harmony is perfect balance (Incidentally, perfect harmony isn't really a thing either, interestingly organized chaos can't either, that one's a paradox) The two are opposites, literally, on a scale. A perfect world includes chaos, a harmonic world does not. (Equis is a perfect world, or as near as one can get)

You can't lack balance while having perfect balance, that's a paradox. An example that seems confusing is an orchestra, and to be fair it can go either way, one that lacks experience is sometimes chaotic while an experienced one is at worse offbeat.

weather is chaotic, the streets of a city? A weird harmony that looks chaotic without context. Chaos and harmony can co-exist, but at that point what you have is neither, it's a balance, the middle ground.

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