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My is DarkMagicEn-Forcer1 I am not a brony but I did like the show. I like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Team Fortress 2, Fairy Tail, Sonic and Power Rangers. When I heard about theses displace fics I count me i

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Final views on the final episodes of season 9 (spoilers) · 9:56pm Sep 7th, 2019

I have watched last episodes of season 9 the final MLP FIM season and it was good.

I was surprised that Grogar was Discord all the long. So that means the real Grogar have died a long long time ago. It's a real shame that the Main six didn't get the chance to fight the real Grogar. But at least his bell was there to power up the three last villains. And now Cozy Glow will be stuck as a filly statue along with Chrysalis, about time she was punish, and Tirek. They will make a lovely birds toilet in the royal gardens.

In the final episode I can already tell that many of the old characters like Granny Smith has long since past away. All the fillies and colts are all grown up. And Pinkie Pie seen to be the only one out of the main six to have gotten married and has a kid.

Now that all 9 seasons are now done along the Equestia Girls there are still loose ends that hasn't been tie up yet. Like how did Applejack's mum and dad died canon wise. I mean for long time some people thinks it was timber wolves ate them but is that canon or not.

The other loose ends in Equestia Girls all of those magic wisp things that came out of the statue's base. We saw two of them go in a mirror and a phone but what happen to rest of them. And what happens to Sunset Shimmer and the human Main Six after 20 years. I am pretty sure they are long since out of Canterlot High School by now.

Anyway those are my final views. It's has been fun while it lasted. Hopefully gen 5 will as good as gen 4.

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5117661 I did put spoilers in the tile of the blog.

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