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Printed Ponyfic Reviews, Here's a Third Part · 8:09pm Sep 7th, 2019

Find the first blog here and the second here!

For context: all pictures are of stories I haven't read but intrigued me well enough to buy them or from stories I will re-re-read the hell out of. Others are anthologies with a mix of the two. Authors and titles will be tagged and listed below the pictures. As for the sauces of these sales, it ranges from @RBDash47's Ponyfeather Publishing for some, non-PFP affiliated Lulu entries for others, and a set from Russia's Ministry of Image.

Read below the break for the images, and be aware that as I'm taking pictures from random pages in the books, some stories might be spoiled through illustrations and the like.

Something I want to amend from the previous blog is a detail regarding the copy of 'Looking Glass' I had purchased from Lulu. While it initially appeared to be damaged and suffering from a screw up of some kind with the printer, it turns out this is entirely intention. It's just that the two versions of 'Looking Glass' that readers can access (FIMfiction's and a Google Docs version) do not look anything what will appear in the print version. It's only through getting in contact with Lulu and the author herself that this was explained: to get the results she wanted for text distortion, Krickis (the author) had to create a version that was different from the two mentioned above. Lulu confirmed that this was true and matched the file that they had submitted for the book. It's not an error at all, but unless you check around, it'll appear like one.

Anyway, find more books below.

Here's a variety of other books I had purchased in my haul! There's a variety of hardcover and softcover texts, and the books pictured are a mixture of anthologies and novels. From Ponyfeather Publishing are: horizon's 'Song of the Sisters', Mono-logues (by Monochromatic), along with Horse Voice's Biblical Monsters and Other Grim Tales. The other books pictured are 'Face the Dark' by Pen Stroke, 'Of Skies Long Forgotten' (the 24th Pegasus), Completely Safe Stories (Cold in Gardez), 'Through the Well of Pirene' (Either Echoes), and Crystal's Wishes (by Crystal Wishes). Quill & Blade is responsible for the printing of the last book, while all the others not from Ponyfeather are purchasable through Lulu.

A few were cut out of the picture here, but certain cover details are highlighted more. It's also worth noting that 'Face the Dark' is not a hardback book that comes with a dust jacket. If you were curious about why it looked like I had removed it, I hadn't. There wasn't one. The book is very sturdy, and among the best put-together of my horseword stash. If sleek dust jackets infect your very thoughts and are the sole reason you purchase books, then this one might not be for you.

Cold in Gardez's book comes with multiple pictures inside. Captions help bring the author's artwork to life. (There is no color printing option for those who don't want black and white pictures.) My copy appears to be left over stock from Bronycon or something like that, since the spine says that it is a "Baltimore Special Edition".

The interior formatting in 'Face the Dark' is superb and individual story cover art now appears as interior illustrations. The anthology has the look and feel of a collection of old fairy tales.

Dust jacket text on Ether Echoes book has some spacing issues at certain points. Otherwise, it looks fine. If I remember, it is also the second thickest of the books I ordered, clocking in somewhere around 800 pages. This could easily be mistaken for an entirely non-pony book with how it looks and the design to it.

All Ponyfeather Publishing books have pretty much the same internal appearance. This is what a title page for a story in Monochromatic's anthology looks like. It'd have been very interesting - and certainly very cute - to have internal illustrations in this particular book. The detailed and fun cover art and variety of stories would have a certain kind of pizzazz to them very suitable to accompany Mono's writing. Though, since Ponyfeather is made to be the more affordable option, even black and white pictures of Ducky Ink (Mono's OC) and other ponies to help bring the collection to life visually in the book probably the best suited to fun illustrations.

On the other hand, horizon's stories work perfectly with Ponyfeather's formatting. Poetry like this comes out very well!

Lookit this cover detail thingo.

Anyway, last installment when I get to it. Lately, everything's been "when I can get to it". :twilightblush:

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How does wolf acquire pink book? :raritystarry:

Uh, not sure about what you mean by wolves. The pink book by Crystal Wishes and other stories from their universe can be found via their site. Does that help?


Er, I'm a wolf. Don't mind me.

Glad you appreciated the poetry formatting! RBD and I spent a few days tweaking the poetry chapters to make sure the formatting brought them out as best as possible. (And even added a poem just so we could get one of the two-page poems onto facing pages instead of breaking on a page flip.)

tbf a book junkie like me usually always has something to say about sexy formatting
especially when it involves something that begs for it
looking at you, last dreams of pony island

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