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Have you ever left a discussion just because you lost all respect for someone? · 11:59pm Sep 6th, 2019

Okay, I'm in the middle of a writer's block here, so be patient if my writing is off in the following. But follow this escenario:

You see a theme being discussed, and the theme in question interests you. You join, share your opinion, and get some replies. Then, just as sudden as you came in, someone else says your opinion is objectively wrong, and that theirs is the correct interpretation. You go forth and back for a while, until the second person says something that really throws you off.

Not off in the sense that it brings a new angle you weren't considering, or that it makes you rethink your position. More like in the sense of you don't know what to reply anymore, because what you just read is mind meltingly stupid. Not just something you disagree with, but something that just doesn't hold on itself. In fact, what was just said (or written, if you want to get technical) just contradicts itself, makes no sense and to top it all, it's held as some kind of end-all argument.

I struggle to come up with an example that really conveys what I just read, and I won't quote the actual one because I don't want to mark anyone as a moron. My closest approximation would be akin to "there are no political themes in the cyberpunk genre", but that's still too coherent to really measure.

The point is that I lost all my interest in the discussion, and even some in the subject, packed my metaphorical stuff and left. I also will never take that person seriously anymore, ever.

But besides baffled (and with some neurons applying for retirement), I got really curious. Have you ever have a similar experience? Have you ever read something that made you say "the person behind this is a case beyond lost, and I have better things to do with my time"?

Have you ever lost respect for someone in the space of a single reply?

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P.D.: Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with Trump. But I suspect it would have come up eventually had I continued arguing.

It happens. Sometimes over politics, sometimes over a game, a story, a book, a movie. I'm drawing a blank on specific times I've had to walk away from a discussion, but I do know I've closed tabs on forum posts where logic and rational thought suddenly hurled themselves out the window. Whether or not the offending poster was trying to get my goat, or general trolling, or perhaps they were simply deranged in some way, it can be therapeutic to just walk away sometimes.

i had this, so i deleted the blog

Sort off, I've met that kind of people but, me being so stubborn, preferred to keep on talking until something else happens that ends the conversation. Thankfully, I've managed to not let that take up my free time.

When they start throwing insults my way I do, though I try my best to stay civil though which I've done for the most part. (does that give me the moral high ground?)

This happened to me once. A few years ago I was playing PUBG with a friend and said the Karabiner 98 Kurz was not a carbine. Keep in mind the Karabiner was the standard issue infantry rifle for Nazi soldiers. The official designation directly translates to Carbine, Model of 1898, Short.

Interestingly, I was technically right, but for the wrong reasons. By modern standards, a carbine is a shortened version of a regular rifle, or a rifle length firearm designed for pistol ammo. An M4 carbine is a short M16 and earns the carbine designation. As such the K98 does as well, but it didn't always.

You see, military rifles came in three different sizes over the past 150 years. The first was rifle length rifles, generally with thirty to thirty-four inch barrels. This was because in the days of muzzleloaders, the most effective way to fire continuously was to fire in rank. Three lines of soldiers would get into a formation, the first line would shoot and begin to reload, then the second line, and then the third line. The idea was by the time the third line shoots, the first line would be reloaded. The rifles were so long so the muzzles of the soldiers in the back stuck out past the heads of the soldiers in front so no one would accidentally get shot in the back. Another function was the length, coupled with the length of contemporary bayonets often made the rifles taller than the soldier carrying them to better defend against calvary.

The second length was the carbine. These were used mostly by calvary, as the twenty to twenty-two inch barrels made them much handier and more manuverable. This made them easier to fire one handed, as calvary would sometimes need to shoot with one hand while holding the horse's reigns in the other. The fact that calvary didn't need long spears or to fire in rank made this a no-brainer.

The third length of around twenty-six to twenty-eight inches didn't come around until the early 1900s. The advent of trucks and tanks made long rifles difficult to maneuver with inside such vehicles, and the advent of machine guns made firing in rank an extremely bad idea. Most nations, Russia and Italy being notable exceptions, adopted a shorter rifle than previously, such as the British Short Magazine Lee-Enfield, the Japanese adopted the Type 99 Arisaka, and the Germans the K98.

All this to say, the Karabiner 98 Kurz falls in line with the third, still unnamed category. I personally like Ian McCollum's term, the universal rifle length only because it helps distinguish them.

So basically I was a lucky moron and I now laugh at my past self, smugly unaware of the future version of me laughing at how stupid I am today.

Maybe, maybe not. But it does give you the reasonable side of the argument. I always try to keep my wits and remain cool and collected, as I usually only fight about things important to me. I know I cannot insult someone into agreeing with me, and I know my words may convince someone on the fence about a topic. I just want my words to push them in the right direction.

I'm pretty sure everyone has experienced that at some point. The urge to educate and correct somebody else's mistakes can be strong when it's a topic you're passionate about. Most of the time people are simply misinformed (especially these days where we're absolutely saturated with craziness) and will at least take your statements into consideration. But when someone is completely set in way and belief and has zero-tolerance for anything other, then really the best thing to do for your own sanity is to back away and just let them believe what they choose to, or at least agree to disagree.

On a humorous note, I had replied to a PM from you the other day without any further response, then I read the title to this thread and went "oh boy". :D

Again, and I'm well aware this is an OOC for me, it was not about politics, this time. But I get your meaning. It's not my first time either, but more than the discussion on itself, I'm baffled I lost the ability to take a person seriously in about two or three sentences.

And yeah, some times, one just needs to walk away from the dumbster fire, if only to avoid the idiot fumes.

Wow. Deleting an entire blog is a level I'm not familiar with. I'm going to guess it was really bad, wasn't it?

Amigo, you know me. I'm stubborn as a goddamn rock. But that one was above my threshold. I mean, it was really stupid. Again, no direct quote, but it was akin to listening H.P. Lovecraft's opinions on race. That's where I draw the line.

I honestly don't believe there's such thing as a moral highground, or at least not an absolute definition of it and much less based on who swears first. I do believe, though, that falling to petty insults is the mark of someone who's ran out of arguments and doesn't have the maturity to admit so.

I get your point. But that's a more understandably mistake. What I'm talking about is more when the "argument" in question is stupidly insane, and there's no base for it, or worse, the alleged base is contradictory to what's being said.

Still, I have made those "right for the wrong reasons" mistakes. Earth may swallow me when I latter realize.

I swear this time I wasn't trying to educate anyone. It was an honest "I have this opinion to share", and then, out of the blue, a guy talking about things I don't want to transcribe came in.

I think the part that most unsettles me is the one you're describing. About people so closed in their worldviews, they won't even register anything that doesn't align with that perception. I can't help but wonder if they would stop from hurting someone in the name of those beliefs. But you're right on the other part, it's saner to walk away. After all, a journalist is there to communicate and offer and interpretation, not to educate that particular guy with tunnel vision.

Also, sorry for the reply thing. My job is that draining I forgot to hit send. Good thing I kept it tabbed (thank you chrome), so I could actually send it this time.

Thanks so far I haven't insulted anyone (that I know of) or used curse words (I've been taught to not use such language).

Me too, but there's a point when one doesn't believe that much in a lesson they know.

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