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Original Fiction · 3:39pm Sep 4th, 2019

So after the Rules series I'm not sure I'm going to do another big long project like this. As I mentioned in my ending screed on the last chapter of Featherfall, I've been working on some original fiction for a while now and I'm probably going to put my effort largely on that. I think writing-wise on this site I'll probably put up the occasionally short set in the Rulesverse, something cute and fluffy with one of the couples maybe, and the occasional bit in the Featherfallverse with the further adventures of the new Element-Bearers.

With that said, I'm not just leaving you all in the dust. I'm probably going to start a Patreon where I'll post chapter by chapter just like I have been here. I'm still kind of working out the details, but I'm interested to see who would want to read my original stuff.



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Well you know I'll be there to read your original stuff as well. It's never an easy shift going from Fanwork to Original since the audience decreases so dramatically at first, but you just gotta keep with it and build up that audience again.

I tend to do a bit of a balancing act with it, making my original project my main project but also still updating my fandom projects for the people who love them. Not as frequently, but I make sure to throw them a bone, especially since I absolutely adore continuing the stories I've started there. I don't want Aria's Archives to end for years to come!

So yeah, just let me know when you've got your Patreon set up and I'm sure I'll support it!

Looking forward to it!

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