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Monthly Update: Minor punctuation edits throughout the story, Chapter 15 Progress and Sneak Peek · 6:19pm Sep 3rd, 2019

So, a couple things I want to talk about regarding the story. First, a minor edit that I've made throughout the past chapters. Turns out, I may have been punctuating thoughts wrong. I was reading a little story online, and found character thoughts were often written like this:

This is how it's done! I thought to myself.

Looking back, I found out that I STARTED writing thoughts like this, but at some point I started quoting them in apostrophes, like so:

'There's something wrong with this picture,' I thought to myself.

Is this a detail not worth stressing over? Probably. But in the interest of maintaining consistency and proper punctuation, I went back and re-wrote character thoughts with just italics. Not sure if any of you even noticed, but since it was something that I had to edit throughout the entire story, I thought I would let you all know.:twilightblush:

Second, the rough draft of Chapter 15 is finally done. I still need to smooth out a couple sections of the final draft, and then I'll proofread it for readability. But, I know this has been a longer wait than usual. So, here's a little sneak peek of the coming chapter! Keep in mind that this is from a work in progress, and is liable to change before the whole chapter comes out.

Everyone followed Piximon outside, traveling across a bridge stretching over a bubbling stream. Eventually, they arrived at a large, open area. A few simple, but well maintained trees were dotted throughout the square. A small koi pond sat in one corner, teaming with large fish. But what really captured everyone’s attention was the large sandbox in the center, dominating most of the space. But this wasn’t like anything one would find at a playground. The sand inside was a soft, milky white, and looked completely undisturbed. A few rocks of varying sizes sat in the sandbox, all smooth enough to look like half-buried marbles. 


Everyone looked to the source of the noise. Near the koi pond sat a water spout that slowly filled a bamboo tube, which sat on a pivot. Eventually the tube would fill up, tilt back and dump the water into a reservoir before quickly rotating back into place. As the open end lifted up to collect more water, the heavy end would fall onto a rock, creating a sharp clunking noise that echoed throughout the garden. 

No one spoke a word, as if doing so would shatter the beautiful scene in front of them. 

“AHHH-CHOO!” Guilmon sneezed, making everyone jump out of their skin. 

“Bless you,” Scootaloo said, holding a hoof to her chest.

“Sorry...” Guilmon blushed.

“Right, if we’re all done sightseeing, follow me please,” Piximon said. 

Everyone followed Piximon to a large wooden gazebo in the back of the garden, carefully stepping around the massive sandbox. Inside, fourteen rubber mats were neatly laid before a small pedestal.

“Everyone take a seat,” Piximon beckoned as he made his way to the pedestal. Everyone did as they were told, sitting next to their Digimon partners. “Tell me, what makes someone DigiDestined?”

Okay, that's all I have for today. I gotta get to class now. See ya later!:moustache:

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