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  • Friday
    Should I Cancel My Latest Story Idea?

    I just wrote a few words in my Potion Nova story and...I couldn’t continue. I don’t know if it’s the story that’s starting to fade from my interest or I’m just not into MLP this year. However I’m not going to cancel it because I’ve been doing that constantly with my other scrap ideas. I want you to read my last blog about my Potion Nova fanfic and tell me if your still interested. If your not,

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  • 1 week
    Another Character From Pony Life Gave Me A Fanfic Idea

    Her name is Potion Nova and I like her design and her personality. She's a unicorn who makes potions and called herself the Potionista. Even if I didn't take the chance to watch Pony Life, I will saw that it's original characters caught my interest just like Dishwater Slog did. So again, I've came up with another fanfic idea.

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  • 2 weeks
    Working On A MLP & Steven Universe Crossover | Another Story Cancelled

    For about a week ago, I'm finally into Steven Universe. It's sad that the show's over but that's not gonna stop me from watching the episodes. It gave me a fanfic idea for a crossover to that show with MLP. Although I will say that none of the main characters will be part of this story. Instead I will be using a filly along with his mother. I'm just letting you know, I've only watched the earlier

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  • 2 weeks
    Why Comments Keep Me Motivated

    I'm happy that my recent stories (Including the repeated ones) are getting positive likes compare to dislikes but with zero comments is what makes me mostly depressed. The thing is, I want people to express their opinions on what part they like in the story. Granted the comments are optional just like Youtube videos but videos and fanfics are completely different. While you do different

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  • 4 weeks
    Top 10 MLP (FIM) Characters I Barely Use In Fanfics

    If you still remember the blog I made nearly a month ago that I took down all of my future story ideas, you can tell that I'm still empty and depressed right now. Not because of writer's block but the fact I have to learn the truth about how the story can catch people's interest. And not only that, the 78 stories (Including the deleted ones) have me use the same characters from time to time. You

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I’ve Watched Equestria Girls Holiday Unwrapped And... · 10:13pm Sep 2nd, 2019

Yesterday, I watched the third Equestria Girls Special of this year and...I don’t like it. I’m not going to explain why since it continues spoilers. All I can say it’s anthology special with 4 ten minute episodes. Out of all the episodes I enjoyed the most was the C (referring to number 3) episode. And as you can tell, I have an idea for a story I can do with my Equestria Girls Princess Twilight series.

After going on the beach making tons of friends, knowing more about her counterpart on the cruise and enjoying the Starswirl Festival, Princess Twilight is curious on what the Mirror World does during the holidays. Sunset and Human Twilight takes the Princess Of Friendship to Canterlot Mall where most of the magic takes place, while Twilight meets a familiar face from her past in this world.

Like I said this may be difficult since Twilight’s Backstage Pass is waiting until Yacht Vacation is over but I’m waiting until the America release happens. All I can say, it’s only going to be a one shot story which might pull your heartstrings. The 3rd episode in the special gave me an idea to do this idea.

P.S. I also have another story idea involving the season 9 episode coming out later this month. Growing Up Is Hard To Do.

who’s The Better Crusader?

When the Cutie Mark Crusaders turned themselves into grown ponies, they can do anything they want. However there is one thing their sisters told them about once when they we’re fillies. Puberty.

Now that they’re old enough to experience it, they need evidence on someone’s opinion. Not to mention who’s the prettiest in the group. They choose Spike for the intervention in their treehouse, which might made the dragon with wings uncomfortable.

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