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Hello, I am Brony who likes more than just My Little Pony. I also like trains, classic tv shows, action flicks, WWII history and technology, and lots more.

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    Saving Little Ocellus update

    Hello, my followers and I am glad to share that I have finally updated Saving Little Ocellus. This new chapter will be a touchy one for many of you, I believe, but I do hope you enjoy it all the same. As for reasons of why the long updating, I've been currently trying to get my job back in my home town, but I cannot get in until I can get a COVID-19 test for it, which has proven to be rather

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    Updates and other stuff

    Hello friends,
    as you may of noticed both of my stories "Jedi Kinght in Equestria" and "Saving Little Ocellus" haven't been updated in a while.

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    Notes on my Poiny Fanfics

    Hello friends,
    I am writing this journal to clarify things with my fanfictions that are in or relate to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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    My Little Pony Series End

    Alright, I will be completely honest about MLP after watching the series finale. (Sighs) Season 9 kinda ruined it for me, I didn't like how the characters were changed, from Celestia and Luna. But The Last Problem, was a hit to the gut to me. It was not how I wanted the show to end at all. And I do not like how the Mane 6 look now. I was rather disappointed by it.

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  • 114 weeks
    New Chapter is up!

    Hello friends! I am pleased to annouced the next chapter has been published at last!
    But be prepared for a sad moment in the story.
    However, the next chapter will turn out better, you'll see.

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Updates and apologies · 4:13pm Sep 2nd, 2019

Hello, my friends, I bet you're wondering what the hay was going on with me.
Well, to explain, I am okay and everything is fine, I've just been busy this summer with my new job as a flower crewman in Medora, ND. It leaves me very busy for the days, but to give heads up JKiE is still underway, as I am working on Chapter 9 as I go, I really wish I could be working on it more but I need to stick to my work and get my week's pay.
And also, if you lot are wondering what Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo's Lightsabers look like, I will show you

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Looks nice! And I am glad I could be of help.

In that case, contact me and I'll see what I can do.

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