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A horse doesn’t care how much you know, until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse, and your heart in your hand. ~Pat Parelli

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Next Story's...... moving? · 4:11am September 1st

Hey! This time I don't have another story to offer... but as the title says, my next story is inching along. I still haven't decided which of my work in progress' to use, and if anypony has any ideas on what would make a good story, I'd appreciate it! :pinkiecrazy:
On a more personal level, I'm recovering from a Taekwondo injury and some anxiety. Recently I've been falling off a horse whenever we hit a certain side of the paddock, and feeling the anxiety of getting back on for sure.
My stories both aren't doing too well... I'd love some feedback from anyone who'd be willing to give it! Hoping people will enjoy my next story even more than the previous two. :pinkiecrazy:

Report Toriandthehorse · 28 views · Story: Free Falling · #horses #taekwondo
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