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In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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Rahs' Description. · 4:52pm Aug 31st, 2019

For any artists out there who want to take a crack at Drawing Rahs Sparkle.

Rahs desc

Take Red 13[ FF7] make him anthro. Give the body a swimmers build, humanoid hands, digit-grad legs and rear paws. Night elf ears [world of warcraft] long feline tail. Dress him like Dante from the first devil may cry game[ Long coat pants, no boots, gloves, or jewelry] then add a golf ball sized free floating globe of light 2 inches above the tip of his tail and at the tip of each ear[ very dim] color all the fur navy blue, the eyes amber, the glowing balls of light white/silver. Coat and pants can be any color.
Approximate height is eye to eye with Celestia Twilight comes up to about belly level
Spike mid thigh.

Also if you know any one who does cheap commissions.... i'm poor.

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Comments ( 7 )

Good luck finding free made art!

It's possible. If nothing else, he could exchange a commission for the art.

Huh, I always imagined a mix between a Worgen and a druid's cat form from WoW, when I read about Rahs.

Lol, I'll take a crack at it when procrastinating, no promises for quality though! :rainbowlaugh:

As for cheap commissions, I dont know the price but, silfoe seems to do alot of commissions for writers, so I would try him/her first. Great quality too.


This guy does great work and for under $20 USD. You can ask him!

Also if you know any one who does cheap commissions.... i'm poor.

Better than me, I have no e-money so I have to find artists willing to do requests.

I would recommend Var Olis on furaffinity. Very very reasonably priced and good quality too.

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