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    School of Friendship

    Okay, let's get it straight - I think that this whole School of Friendship actually a godawful and stupid idea and just another Hasbro (failed) attempt to replace M6. Why do I think this way? Lets me explain my reasoning.

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  • 32 weeks
    Princess of Friendship in fanfics.

    Time after time I see fics that revolve around one simple idea - Twilight only can be friends with Pinkie, Rarity, Dash, Fluttershy, and Applejack. They all have one common scenario - that after hundreds, or even thousands of years after their death Twilight still unable to go over their demise. And obviously unable to make any new friends. She still mourning, she tries to find a way to bring

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    Celestia freed Nightmare Moon?

    So someone asked Lauren Faust question about who's freed NMM from the moon. Answer is... Well, see for yourself:

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    IDW Friendship is Magic #1 [Spoilers]

    So I have some free time and nothing to do so I decided to read some comics and write some random things about them. Because I can.
    Today we have IDW Friendship is Magic #1 "Return of Queen Chrysalis". Part one.

    Hard to pinpoint the exact timeframe of the story - obviously after Canterlot Wedding but before Magical Mystery Cure.

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  • 49 weeks
    Season 9.

    So let's get it outta my system - I don't like season 9. No, at the level of individual episodes it not that bad. The problem starts at the overarching plot - this whole transfer of power.

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G4: It was killed? · 2:21pm Aug 29th, 2019

There is a couple of videos on Youtube about different (dead) videogame franchises that explain why it ended up dead. Its had names like "XXX hasn't died, it was killed". After I saw S9 ending I feel like the same happened with G4. That it still has lots of potentials but Hasbro unwillingness to make any significant changes and their attempt to get "more of the same" pretty much killed that potential.

In my opinion, any good franchise needs to grow. To evolve. If you don't do this - you die. Yes, you can for some time live on past glory and the loyal fanbase but you can't do this forever. But in case of G4 Hasbro tried to do exactly the same - make money while changing precisely nothing. The same. The same. The same. Very little changed. I feel that old writers start to leave because the tired from doing the same. And Hasbro attempt to brings in independent contractor writers make everything even worse - show start to lose cohesion, the wholeness. The show turned into a bunch of loosely connected episodes that barely acknowledge each other existence and that completely forgot that anything past S5 ever existed. Yes, good episodes still exist, good songs still exist, but that is - they, so to speak, exist in a vacuum. They don't connect to anything, they just... exist. By themselves.

So again - in my opinion, Hasbro killed G4. I'm can only hope that they learn their lesson and make a better job in G5... But who I'm kidding? Most likely they didn't learn anything.

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