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I just watched the ending and... I like it! [no spoilers below, don't worry] · 3:35pm Aug 28th, 2019

I probably shouldn't be 'venting' here, but... what the hell. I just watched the last three leaked episodes in Dutch + subtitles(I really wanted to wait for the English version, but my will was not strong enough :unsuresweetie:).

I won't lie, for a few days now, I was so stressed over this, that I literally couldn't sleep (I know, right?! :rainbowlaugh: ), but as it turned out it was stress over nothing:raritystarry:.

IMHO the last three episodes are very, very good! With a few nice twists and turns on the way. I think most people will like them. And the last one is a sweet farewell for the show. The only thing that pisses me off a bit is the whole Celestia and Luna retiring thing, but thanks to what they did in the final episode, I think I can live with that :unsuresweetie: (and if there is another story with James in that timeline, you can bet he will taunt them for it :trollestia:).

All in all, I'm glad I have watched it, now, I can sleep in peace, again (and continue writing) :twilightsmile:.

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Like I said before, I will wait for the official release. But from what I have heard it seems like a set up for G5.



Well, it definitely is complete conclusion of G4 - especially the last episode :pinkiesad2:. I just hope, G5 will come quick, and will be of the same quality as G4 :twilightsmile:.


It will likely take a year, it will start with toys more then likely



Let me know what you think about the ending :twilightsmile: (but use spoiler tag just in case someone else is gonna read that). IMHO it was good, but I've seen people on EQD commenting it was crap, too.



It was supposed to start in 2020 if I remember correctly, but I think they moved it 2021...

Oh, well... Nothing to do, but wait and pray it will be good:twilightsmile:.



Yup, he was. Personally I liked the twist (and foreshadowing through the entire season), but some people are apparently pissed off about it.

Honestly, I thought that the two-parter would look completely different. Something like: Grogar and the trio attacks => they win => trio turn on him => they loose => and now ponies and baddies needs to work together and the trio gets reformed in the process. The twist they did make it less predictable - for me that was a win.


Wait, really that soon? I figured they would give it a year or two. Have they even confirmed the art yet?





This is of course unofficial, but I also recall, someone uploading official Hasbro plans for the brands (something, I think Hasbro published for it stockholders, so they would know about future plans of the company), and when it comes to MLP brand, it was very similar to the above.

If Hasbro is smart, they should keep to that timeline. Then again... If G4 toys will be still selling well after the show is done, they may wait some more.

I just hope they won't make a reboot... Unless it's somehow tied into G4 (I don't know... Twi goes back in time to prevent some disaster from happening, only to end up in a different Equestria, and as an Earth pony, and the counterparts of her friends are quite different from what she remember... That could be interesting ... or not :trollestia:).

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