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New Story + Other Info · 1:50am Aug 27th, 2019

Herro everyone.

Its been almost a year since I've posted anything to FimFiction, but there's a very excellent reason for that: I have been writing a new story since October and it's currently undergoing one last revision before I shall be posting it. It will be out tomorrow and you're going to like it.

Why has it taken me so long to write this particular story? Well because this story is almost double the length of ADiP (Another Day in Ponyville) and because of the type of story it was, I wanted to release the whole thing in one day, so that meant I had to finish writing the whole thing before posting it. Also, I've kinda been working on it on and off because I've been getting into some new hobbies as of late and I've been spending more time with my new band so we can hopefully start travelling soon. For the past month though, I've been on that crunch time and I wrote nearly 20,000 words, because my goal was to finish the story before I start school again, and I'm proud to say I did.

My next story definitely shouldn't take as long to write. It's going to be a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style story where I plan to play with a couple interesting themes. Its going to be my first truly experimental story besides ADiP and will be slightly similar concept-wise, so I'm looking forward to writing that. Unfortunately, school does start again tomorrow so I might not have as much time to write as I did this summer, but I'll be sure to find time. Until next blog post, adios!

Edit: Alright, change of plans. Before I work on the Choose Your Own Adventure story, I'm gonna post a short <3000k word horror story in hopes that it makes up for the attention I was hoping my newest story would get.

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