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My Little Pony Season 9 News 08/23/2019 Part 2 · 11:58am Aug 23rd, 2019


Oh get a hold of yourself Pinkie!

*Clears throat* Sorry about that folks, with the season nearly reaching an end as well as the end of the series itself folks are barely keeping it together. Anyways, as we enter Part 2 of today's blog, I did manage to uncover some rather 'interesting' news in regards to the finale itself. Several images, some titles, and a trailer has made some slight indication as to how the show is tying itself together. While we can't afford to give away too much without spoiling the ride nor do we have much of a synopsis to work with right now, I do have somewhat of a rough idea as to what the finale is going for. Which is why to end the blog for today, we prepare to have a 'preview' of sorts as far as what lies ahead for the Mane Six heading into their final adventure together as they get set to defend Equestria from their greatest foes to date. We not only have a two part episode but also a 'bonus' episode as well, as we examine the titles called:

The Ending of the End


The Last Problem

As stated before, there hasn't been a synopsis for neither episodes, it's essential to note the stories we are getting based on the titles alone. We know the big story arc for this last season has Grogar assembling his army to do battle with Twilight and her friends so he can assume control of Equestria as he did thousands of years ago. In addition, he sought his long-lost bell which contained the entirety of his power and thus far we've seen his 'Legion of Doom', WAIT....

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom!

*Pause* Yeah I can see why this is getting old. Anyway his minions, consisting of three former enemies of Twilight and her friends, proved they are capable of working together and managed to retrieve Grogar's bell, yet ultimately decided to keep it for themselves with intent to turn on their master. Knowing how these plot devices go and examining Grogar's character, in consideration to the fact he 'trusts nobody' I'm certain that Grogar 'knew' that they are keeping the bell from him and was merely toying with them until the right time to expose their mutiny. We know Grogar is going to have a huge role going into the finale, where everything is nearly coming together, and Twilight must brace herself for the toughest fight of her life. The trailers have shown that this battle is going to be SO BIG, that even Discord, Starswirl and his teammates will ultimately be involved (I couldn't add most of them as Tags due to limitations with this site) and given some intense sequences nothing is ever going to be the same.

And yet even for a two parter, it doesn't seem like the show is even going to end on something that big as another title has come up called 'The Last Problem'. Assuming that this episode takes place AFTER the two part battle with Grogar, when the dust is settled and whether the villains reform or not (I'm thinking Grogar might be one of the few who refuses to 'join the herd'), there still begs that question: What is the "Last" problem for the Mane Six and friends to solve? After many lessons that each of the friends have learned, all the friendships they've mended, all the morals they've tackled, and nearly ALL of Equestria they've explored, what 'is' there left for the team to tackle? While the title doesn't really give us much to work with at this moment, some fans are speculating that this episode may be 'painful' on the 'emotional' scale knowing that at long last this is where we are about to say goodbye to the group of characters we've grown up watching. Perhaps in a way that really 'is' the problem going into this episode: Knowing that the time has come to say goodbye, to close the book in a sense that 'all' stories must finally come to an end as Twilight and friends finally assume their place as rulers of Equestria.

The only clues as to what we 'could' expect going into the last episode stems from some images that has been uncovered by our dedicated fanbase:

Ah yes, nothing like friends gathered together to look at old memories.

I was embarrassed knowing I had to zoom in to finally see the sewing machines in Rarity's Spider cage.

Obligatory Derpy Hooves appearance in the back, appropriate being it could be the last

Whether or not these images are for the finale or perhaps even for the upcoming episode set to air this weekend, all we know for sure is that Twilight and her friends are prepared for something big and they want to make the most of this. Looking back, Twilight Sparkle was just that nose-in-the-book pony who'd rather spend her days studying than spending quality time with friends (Tons of introverts can relate to that). But ever since Princess Celestia insisted that Twilight go into town to make preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration, wanting her to make friends on the side, this turned out to be a life changing experience for Twilight from their first time saving Equestria together to now suddenly being next in line to run a country (Fortunately for her, Celestia was nice enough to let her friends rule beside her). Sure there have been times when Twilight Sparkle was instructed that she needed to handle certain matters alone, but the fact is that if it weren't for the help of her friends who've been there for her since the beginning we wouldn't have all the triumphs and tribulations that we have witnessed up to this day. Sure there have been some hiccups on the side, sure the cast have gone out of character (Blame it on the writers, not the actors), and sure not 'every' villain they've met can be reformed, but together these girls (And Spike) have proven they can do impossible things we could never think to do in real life and if this show is truly to come to an end it should end the way they started... Together.

But now comes the big question: What do YOU think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

While I don't know if I'll have any reviews up (As I have this system which I prefer not to break), I will tell you they are heavily in the 'work-in-progress' mode and everyone will know they are up when I give the word. But until that time comes...

He's the Dramamaster829!

*Pause* Yes... Yes I am. Take care, faithful readers!

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I'm probably wrong, but I've got a gut feeling that The Last Problem might finally address the whole "is Twilight immortal now that she's an alicorn?" debate.

That's often been a huge subject for debate and it has left fans rather divided as far as how being an alicorn works. On one hand, the show has constantly confirmed that Celestia and Luna have lived for 'thousands' of years, far longer than the normal age of a pony, indicating that being an alicorn either grants immortality to a pony or perhaps it merely slows the 'aging' process. Taking a subtle note from 'The Secret of N.I.M.H.', one of my favorite animated movies of all time, the status of being an Alicorn seemed to indicate that while every-pony grows old an Alicorn can remain young for as long as this great magic power still courses through their veins. Even with this supporting evidence, however, not everyone feels content with this possibility.

On one hand, it seemed as if ponies like Princess Cadence haven't been 'Alicorns' for very long and Flurry Heart, though taking a bit of time for fans to get used to, was the 'first' Alicorn by birth in a rather long time thus begging the question if being an alicorn is no different to the average pony. I don't go around believing myself as an expert in this field yet I do believe in things that are 'possible' if not 'probable'.

It's important to keep an open-mind about these subjects, something as I address to you personally I have the upmost respect for. One thing is certain in regards to Twilight Sparkle, it seemed from the day she was born she was destined to be more than just a regular old Unicorn (As she said in the Season 2 finale). From the day she took an interest in magic, Celestia saw potential in Twilight willing to take her in as a student despite the hiccups in her test. Since then, after going through many tests, Twilight became a Princess, she's been given a castle, she's running a school, and now she's about to run a country even though fans still say she has a long way to go. Be that as it may, great things are coming for Twilight both the good and the terrible... But still 'great' indeed.

All of this is building up to something, but we won't know for sure until more is confirmed about what this finale has in store for the fans.

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