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Shoutout to yarnmouse, and upcoming stuff. · 3:56am Aug 21st, 2019

Let me point you to a special pony. yarnmouse is Cogwheelbrain's SO. She's written stories at Trotcon's speedfic panel and we've been trying to get her on here for years.

She's a feels writer and new to Fimfiction, so show her some love!

Now for other stuff.

I'm in the feature box with a teeny-tiny little story that isn't particularly new in theme, but foalks seem to like it a lot. It's the one I wrote for GaPJaxie's recent speedwriting competition.

Maybe someday I'll get in the box with a multi-chapter story, but I'm not holding my breath. Those always seem to do worse than the single-chaps, even when the latter are long. However, I have an epic I'm working on at the moment and I might reveal deets sometime soon. I can't stop writing it but it'll be a long time before I can share anything, which is frustrating.

In the meantime I have a short fic I'm working on with Ocellus (mostly comedy), a comedy with Luna, and in case you think I've turned into a totally different author due to the past few non-horrifying works I've done, I'm still working on The Razor of Dreams, and I have updates to TSJ and Geldings planned for the near future.

But school also started today and I teach at a university so yeah I've been a bit busy. Hopefully there will be cool stuff to share soon anyway, though, because depression and pain management are still doing much better. :twilightsmile:

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Glad to hear you're still doing well, Trixie. Hope your school year started well.

Glad the depression and pain management are still going so well, and good luck with getting knowledge into those students' heads!

Here's hoping everything goes smoothly for the foreseeable future. I'll be sure to give yarnmouse a look.

Author Interviewer

Oh, this is good information! :O I've loved what she's written for the Trotcon speedfics so far!

Good luck going forwards! I'm keen to see the Ocellus comedy, she's a fun nerd bug. :twistnerd:

Also, thanks for the shoutout, got to check yarnmouse out now.

Welcome back to the school madhouse!

You'll be happy to know that when I showed this post to Yarnmouse this afternoon her eyes grew about three sizes as the realization sunk in that other people were going to look at her stuff! It was hilarious.

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