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A guy from switzerland who likes cheese, mountains and horse words.... lots and lots of horse words.

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  • 38 weeks
    Addendum: Releasing the mega cringe :)

    As a little goodbye-present, so to speak, I re-released the first story I ever wrote on here. It's terrible, terrible garbage, but well, the long description already tells you everything you need to know about it.

    Read at your own risk.

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  • 38 weeks
    And I'm gone again... for good this time.

    The jury verdict is out: I'm done with ponies.

    I did try to continue with alicorn of music, and even wrote a chapter or two of an entirely different pony story, which will never see the light of day. But it turns out that I just, can not. even.

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  • 67 weeks
    back at work

    after about 6 months of just staying at home, I'm currently back to working full time, and boy oh boy, is my body not used to that anymore. I come home everyday basically feeling ready to crash into bed lmao.

    Anyway, time to write is scarce currently, but I'm still managing a few paragraphs here and there. Basically, slow going, but I'm trucking along... slowly :)

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  • 73 weeks
    I'm back...

    I really am ^^

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  • 102 weeks
    New Story, One Shot... maybe?

    I just released a new one shot, so go read it uwu.

    (It took me 5 months to write because I'm a lazy piece of shit)

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The End - A series of summaries · 10:45pm Aug 19th, 2019

Hello, it's me again. I've been thinking a lot ever since I've written my last blogpost, and here's what my brain came up with. I still had plans, BIG plans, for where I could take my Divine Universe, and now I'm certain they'll never see the light of day. Thinking about it made me realize just how big of a commitment that would have been, and considering I got other stuff to do, I concluded that I'm not willing to commit to that. The size of the various stories would have been smaller overall, but would have added up to something along the trilogies size. Knowing myself it would have been even longer.

And investing another three+ years into something I don't enjoy doing that much anymore? Not gonna happen.


I still have theses ideas in my head! And they demand to be written at least in some capacity. So here's what I'll do: Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll write a blogpost for each of the planned stories. These will basically take the forms of more detailed summaries, and I'll try to make them a bit more enjoyable than a wikipedia article ( no promises).

Depending on the story, these blogposts will be shorter/longer, entirely dependant on how much details I already planned for them. So if you're interested in what could have been, you should keep a close eye on my blog.

Also, any and all of these stories may be adopted by anyone, should the interest exist.

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Darn. Welp at least your leaving at a good stopping point and not dropping it in the middle of a story so thanks for being realistic with yourself. Here’s hoping you have a good rest of your life and that a competent writer picks up the torch.

Huh, it really has been 3 years since following your first chapters. Time sure does fly away before you know it. Good luck with the rest of your life and maybe someday read something of yours again.

Perfectly understandable. You do you. I, for one, won't think any the less of you.

Your Divine stories are ones of the best story arcs I've ever read - especially in term of World Building. I feel sad that it is going to stop here, but I understand your reason. Half-heart story doesn't do well with its well-written predecessor. I just hope one day you might find an inspiration to continue it.

Sad to see it go but perfectly understandable

It sure does, but who knows, I might write small one-shots that are unrelated to Divine at some point.

Technically I'm dropping it in the middle of AoM, but hey, at least it wasn't in the middle of the hypest shit with a damned cliffhanger.

Well, its sad to see you go, but we understand. Thanks for updating us on it. Maybe you'll come back one day to work some more story magic.

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