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    One more day :0

    Hello everyone, it's me again at my home and hopes you're doing okay during the virus quarantine. I like to give an announcement and it's been 20 years that I've lived this long because my birthday is tomorrow. So, I give a lot of thank yous to every one of you like TheShadowKnight, UltimateEcho2016, draph91, LEGION55, Holy, Waspinator331, Twinkle_Shine, and KR CHrome. Glad to see any response

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    I'm back... yay. :|

    Hello everyone, happy new year 2020. My god the decade had passed but I like to say welcome to 2020 and my birthday is coming in March, I tell you all some other time. Anyway so... I am back and I restart my first chapter of Anon-a-Miss: Pennywise the Dancing Clown because I love this horror character and has the best ability. In 2019, I said that I'm still gonna be here on the site but not

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    MLP: EG is not the end.

    With the end of MLP: FIM, everyone had a closure because I was off slacking somewhere else and dying like a midget in a Zelda game. I was looking at pictures until I saw a picture of grown-up version Mane 6 and Spike with unwrapped holiday special Main 7. This one has texts and says 'MLP: FIM has come to an end but is MLP: EG coming to an end, too.' I say to that text no, MLP: EG isn't coming to

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    Goodbye ;)

    Hello everyone, Fire Phoenix Goddess here. I met great people and R.I.P Holy in the site, really I have. Sadly to say, I am done with typing stories because of negative criticism on my story. I'll be here but only doing blogs, reading other stories, and making new ideas from me and for you to use.

    Thank you for everything and all the support that you gave me, so thank you.

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    My thoughts on this entire narrative on "Friendship is Magic"

    I was interested in the entire series of FIM and EG, the whole saying on friendship, and the belief in your friends no matter how difficult is. Until the Anon-a-Miss storyline and I didn't care about the other storylines in FIM books. The moment when the human versions of Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash left Sunset in the middle of the school hallway made me think on

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My Thoughts on MLP: FIM and EG Songs :( · 8:36pm Aug 19th, 2019

In every episode, moment, or one of the movies, it shows a song begins singing by the heroes, villains, and side characters. Fans loved the songs a-lot, but to me, I didn't found memorable, catchy, or interesting. The way these songs are played made me laughed or cringe at words being said to the characters. I thought that there's something buried, at least something to make me go "I have a favorite song which is this...". I was about to favorite My Past is not Today and The Midnight in Me, but the problems that I have these two songs is 'My Past is Not Today' hasn't given me enough interested, wishing they should focus on what means to lose everything then regaining it back and a little bit longer around 4 mins. And the song in Legend of Everfree is too short for its good. Take that if you will.

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Comments ( 2 )

I agree that the song A midnight in me was too short. It needed to be longer and I have been attempting to make it longer but I can’t find a decent way to do that without making seem too Disneyish or focusing on one theme. Any ideas?

Well, I say create your own lyrics because instead of the shortness, it goes longer. Some people like to do covers on it, but I like this song to be longer like around 3 or 4 mins.

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