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NPR on BronyCon! And some other junk. · 6:43pm August 14th


It’s a lot more ... optimistic of a take (he fails to mention lines or dakimuras or whatever), but it’s still an interesting article.

As for me, I’m slowly chipping away at The Princess's Speech. It will be silly.

Beyond that? Well ... I dunno. I’ve got an interview for a new job next week— something I’m halfway qualified for, not to mention it’d pay me more too. So that’s nice. Though the potential change and various unknown variables have got me in a weird mood. Makes it difficult to plan ahead.

Which ... is inconvenient. Especially since I’m thinking about hitting up EFNW in 2020. There’s a con that doesn’t squeeze all the writers into a corner of the crafts room.

I’m not bitter, honest.

Really I just want to be on a panel of some sort and have the chance to have way too in depth discussions about pony stories. Is that too much to ask?

Though the “Let’s Make a TSSSF Card” guys are gonna be at EFNW as well, so it’ll be worth going even without me getting to pontificate at people. So that’s nice.

But again, it’s all dependent on what new jorb schedule looks like, assuming I even get the gig.

Time shall tell!

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Comments ( 4 )

It will be silly.

Golly, I sure hope so!

Regarding the change weirdness stuff, that's pretty normal as I understand. Even positive changes are really stressful, if they're big enough. There is a reason getting a new job or getting married is included on the same stress questionnaires as losing a job or death of a loved one. Best of luck rolling with it!

Edit: The article was nice, too. Wasn't expecting it to be written by a fan.

Good luck on the job interview.

Optimistic is good! It's nice to have something that focuses on the positive side, rather than "look at these stinky nerds lol"

Also: oh man, the photographer's name is "Caballero". Horse puns everywhere! :pinkiegasp: :rainbowlaugh:

Good luck on the interview! Was that ponky writing for npr?

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